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As travel destinations go, Malaysia is hard to beat. With its verdant and lush rainforests, fascinating indigenous communities, and vibrant, contemporary cities, Malaysia is a destination with everything to offer its visitors and more. It is the perfect place to explore in great depth and there is something new and exciting around every corner. One week you could be helping the turtles around the Perhentian Islands, and the next you could be heading off on a Malaysia tour meeting the tribes people of the Iban! Malaysia is a land full of adventure....

This is what makes the opportunity to volunteer in Malaysia such a life changing prospect, and here at The Great Projects we can offer you that chance! Malaysia is home to a huge variety of wildlife, but perhaps its most famous resident is the "man of the forest" the orangutan. These Great Apes are considered critically endangered, so these conservation projects are crucial to their survival as a species, and your help as a volunteer is invaluable. If you join a project today you could be helping towards the eventual release of these incredible animals, and your part in their rehabilitation process really will make a difference. Working in Malaysia is a unique opportunity that should not be missed, so what are you waiting for?

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Without a doubt Malaysia’s most famous animal inhabitant is the orangutan. Humans have held a fascination with these incredible Great Apes for centuries, and it is no wonder when you learn that we share 97% of our DNA with them. It’s not just orangutans that have a home in Malaysia though, as you could also see:

  • Elephants
  • Tigers
  • Panthers
  • Monkeys
  • Rhinos
  • Sunbears

The marine wildlife in Malaysia is also not to be missed. If you chose to dive off of the coast of the Perhentian Islands, you will come face to face with a number of sea turtle species as well as many different tropical fish and other marine animals. We hope you have a lot of memory in your camera to get all of the snaps!


Malays, Chinese, and Indians have all lived together in Malaysia for centuries now and this has led to the three cultures merging to become one unique Malaysian one! If you visit Malaysia you will be able to see elements of all three of the cultures, with varying religions, beliefs and traditions dotted throughout this diverse land. Some cultural points to take note of when visiting Malaysia are:

  • You should not point with your index finger as is common in the western world as it is considered rude here. Instead point with the thumb.
  • Try to avoid being confrontational as the local Malaysian residents do not know how to deal with this!
  • Malaysian life is a little more laid back than what you are probably used to, so remain patient!

The Malaysian way of life is different to what you will know, so venture over there with an open mind and enjoy the new experiences you will have when in the country!

Popular Destinations

Malaysia is a country which is home to incredible wildlife, spectacular scenery, and some of the most advanced cities in the world so you will have no shortage of places to visit should you take a trip over there. Some of the places and things you could see whilst in the country are:

  • The Petronas Towers – These two iconic towers are 451 meters tall and are an iconic sight on Malaysia’s skyline
  • Mount Kinabalu – This mountain prominently stands out on the island of Borneo and at 4,095 meters tall it is only for the brave to climb!
  • Bako National Park – This is the oldest National Park in the Sarawak region and it is a fantastic place to take in the local scenery and wildlife.

Malaysia is a country which you could easily explore for months at a time, so what do you want to see?

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