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As a tourist destination, India’s reputation precedes it: from the iconic Taj Mahal to the presence of the regal Bengal tiger, this South Asian country is a must for those seeking a deeply cultural adventure. During your time as a volunteer in India you'll discover a place infused with the influences of countless other countries but is not afraid to embrace and celebrate its own rich heritage, with traditional elements such as the Golden City standing proud against a backdrop of mixed international architecture.

In addition to its imposing cityscapes, India is also well-known for its divine natural landscape: jagged mountain terrains, rolling hills, sprawling coastlines and more can all be found here, but it’s the majesty of the jungle – namely, that of Kanha National Park – which will make a wildlife volunteering opportunity in India all the more enticing to the intrepid traveller.

By joining a volunteer project in India, you could experience life from within the real-life location of Rudyard Kipling’s ‘Jungle Book’ (Kanha National Park, The Great Tiger Project); alternatively, you might want to witness elephants, tigers and bears in rescue centres and reserves alike (our Highlights of India tour). However you choose to travel, joining a conservation project in India could be one of the most rewarding things that you ever choose to do.

Take a volunteer holiday to India and witness this vibrant nation at its very best. Volunteer in India and start planning your adventure today!

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Visit the fabled Kanha National Park: home to a stunning array of wildlife, including leopards, wild dogs, and of course the famous Bengal tiger.

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Chances are that when you think of India your mind is drawn to the spectacular landscapes rather than the animal life in the country, but this should not be the case. India is home to a huge variety of animals and it is a country within which you can see many different species. Some of the animals you could be lucky enough to see in India include:

  • Bengal Tigers
  • Indian Lions
  • Pythons
  • Asian Elephants
  • Wolves
  • Lots of Monkeys!

It may not have been the first thing on your mind when imagining a holiday to this beautiful part of the work, but while India volunteer opportunities may be few and far between (at least when it comes to animals!), they certainly do provide you with memories to cherish for a lifetime. Volunteer work in India provides you with the perfect platform from which to explore this amazing country in great detail, so what are you waiting for!



We may think that we know a lot about Indian culture, due to our vague knowledge of cuisine and Bollywood movies – but the fact of the matter is, we’ve barely scratched the surface! When you volunteer in India you'll find the culture is far more colourful and interesting than one might believe, with deep-rooted traditions only being unearthed by those wishing to explore this fascinating nation and its history. You can learn a little about Indian culture by reading below:

• Celebrations and festivals – India’s people are not shy of a good party, seeking the opportunity to inject a sense of celebration into just about any event. From Snake Boat races to the flying of unusual and colourful kites to mark the beginning of spring (‘Uttarayan’), the locals know how to have a good time and are typically happy to invite outsiders along to enjoy the show. Holi Festival, in particular, has gained popularity over the years, with tourists travelling from far and wide to take part in this most vibrant of occasions. But while Westerners may be keen to get involved with the paint-throwing aspect of the festival, did you know that some communities go one step further by chasing their men with sticks and bashing them? We’ll leave it to you to learn more about ‘Lath Mar Holi’!

• Cuisine – what do you think you know about India’s food culture? Perhaps you’ve had a korma or two in your life, and maybe you’ve braved a bhuna. But if you think this makes you an expert in the country’s cuisine, you could not be further from the truth! India is so much more than the handful of dishes adopted by restaurant owners around the world: there’s a whole symphony of flavours just waiting to be discovered, from the delicate spice of Oriyan dishes to the sweetness of gulab jamun. Herbs, vegetables, fruits and spices are consistently prevalent throughout the nation’s dishes, and by joining a volunteer program in India, you stand a chance of sampling at least a little of what the country has to offer!

• Performance – there are few countries in the world that could hold a candle to India, let alone in terms of performance. Music and dance are extremely important to the culture, taking many different forms and often being used as a storytelling device. Dancers are energetic; musicians are highly skilled; the theatrics of performance are simply out of this world. If you ever had the opportunity to witness a dramatic performance, be sure to jump at the chance!

Popular Sights

Popular Sights

If you’re thinking of joining a project abroad, India is the perfect place to go. With so much to see across this beautiful country, it’s lucky that our very own volunteer in India projects and tours involve stop-offs at some of the top sights, isn’t it? You can learn more about them just below:

• Agra – situated on the banks of the river Yamuna, Agra is considered to be ‘quintessential India’. The former capital of the Mughal Empire, this iconic city is the birthplace of the renowned poet Mirza Ghalib and is also the home of historical monuments like the Taj Mahal and the red Agra Fort – two of India’s most famous UNESCO heritage sites.

• Delhi – India’s capital territory is the best place to experience the clashing of worlds: both new and old come together in a fusion of British and Indian culture, and ancient streets intertwine with examples of modern architecture. Visit Delhi’s own Red Fort before heading off to see Humayun’s Tomb, the final resting place of Mughal Emperor Humayun and the inspiration behind the now-legendary Taj Mahal.

• Kanha National Park – there are a few wildlife sanctuaries in India, but many visitors to the country prefer an altogether ‘wilder’ experience. During The Great Tiger Project, you will spend your time at the enchanting Kanha National Park, which is known the world over for being one of the top places to witness tigers in their natural habitat. Over 94,000 acres of verdant land house a number of remarkable wildlife species, from the Bengal tiger itself to leopards, sloth bears and deer. Kanha’s fairytale setting is a sight that should not be missed, so join a wildlife volunteer program in India today!