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Being a volunteer in South Africa is a rewarding and enriching experience. You get to visit and see the country, including the rich landscape and bustling, cosmopolitan cities. You also get to encounter the vast range of wildlife which resides here, while taking part in some incredible conservation projects in South Africa.

The Great Projects has a range of options for you to join voluntary work in South Africa. This includes the Shamwari Conservation Project, as well as the Wildlife Orphanage; at each of these locations, volunteers can expect to witness some of the most incredible wildlife to be found in the whole of Africa. You could even take part in the Zululand Wildlife Conservation Project, joining critical conservation work with the iconic 'Big Five' species, including the critically endangered black rhinoceros. Thanks to South Africa's diverse ecosystems, you can also work on marine conservation projects if you have your sea legs - so why not consider coming face to face with the world's most misunderstood predator on the Great White Shark Project? There is so much to do in this incredibly diverse nation, so find out more today and become a South Africa volunteer.

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Without a doubt South Africa is famed for having the “Big Five” within its boundaries. For those who do not know, the Big 5 are:

  • African Lion
  • African Elephant
  • Cape Buffalo
  • African Leopard
  • Rhinoceros

The Big 5 refers to the five animals which are most difficult to hunt in Africa when on foot, but recently it has been used more frequently to describe five animals which are high up on most peoples “To See” list when visiting the continent.

It’s not just the savannahs and plains of South Africa that are home to renowned wildlife though, as the world’s most famous sea creature, the Great White Shark lives just off of the South African coast. These coastlines are some of the best in the entire world to see these amazing beasts, so don’t forget the cage should you go diving….


The more unsavoury and grizzly elements of South Africa’s culture have been well publicised all around the world. However since Nelson Mandela won the presidency and began to implement change, things have been improving in the country. South Africa is home to the Cradle of Humanity and this is said to be the place where mankind originated from, so as you can imagine this is not a country lacking in culture and history! Some of its cultural highlights include:

  • The oldest art objects in the world which were discovered in a cave. The small dried shells were created for a necklace and date back 75,000 years.
  • Kwaito and Mbube music styles which are popular around the country.
  • A visit to see the Zulu tribes people and learn about their way of life and skills they have picked up over hundreds of years of living off of the land.

As you can see, South Africa is brimming with culture and history!

Popular Destinations

You will not struggle to find places to visit on a trip to South Africa. There is so much to see in this diverse country that you could explore it for months and still not see everything! To get you started though, here are a few suggestions as to where you could go:

  • Table Mountain – The world famous flat topped mountain which is known the world over is a must for anyone visiting South Africa!
  • Robben Island – Home to Nelson Mandela during his 27 year imprisonment, this is somewhere well worth visiting to gain a new perspective on South Africa’s past!
  • Cape of Good Hope – The cape is home to some of the most spectacular scenery in the whole of South Africa, and you can wile away hour after hour watching the waves crash into the cliffs.

There is so much to do in South Africa, so why not start exploring this amazing country now?

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