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Vibrant, historical and draped with breathtaking scenery, Romania is one of Europe's greatest treasures and the perfect place in which to become a conservation volunteer. With charming towns and cities and stunning natural landscapes, it is impossible not to fall under Romania's spell. Visit the incredible Danube River, which meanders through mountainous backdrops and lush, rolling hills which wouldn't look out of place on a film set. Explore the wonders of Transylvania, the birthplace of horror icon Dracula, and soak up the ancient mysticism of the country's numerous gothic castles and UNESCO sites. These include the Painted Monasteries of Bucovina and the Monastery of Horezu – both unforgettable sites well worth a visit.

One of the more unique ways you could visit this beautiful destination is by becoming an animal volunteer. Romania may not be known for its wildlife, but those who choose to explore the natural realms of the country will discover a range of exciting species. Wolves, lynx, wild cats and various deer roam the land, but one of the most enticing animals can be witnessed when you become a wildlife volunteer in Romania. You could work with animals at the Romanian Bear Sanctuary, aiding the care of rescued brown bears at one of the largest bear sanctuaries in Europe and assisting with the day-to-day running of this important location.

By joining a volunteering project in Romania, you could be making a real difference to the lives of the incredible species found here - so get in touch and begin your volunteer experience in Romania today!

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If you're looking for a unique and rewarding volunteer opportunity, consider becoming a volunteer in Romania with a wildlife conservation organization. Whilst it may not be the first destination that comes to mind when you think of animals and wildlife, Romania is home to a wide variety of spectacular creatures that are just waiting to be spotted! With a variety of landscapes and habitats for the animals to roam, you will be sure to see some remarkable wildlife should you visit this relatively unknown den of animal activity. Some of the animals you may be able to spot here include:

  • Bears
  • Wolves
  • Lynx
  • Butterflies
  • Terrapins
  • Salamanders

Some of the most spectacular elements of Romanian wildlife, however, are not found in the spectacular mountain-scapes and rivers, but in the air above them! The bird life in Romania is second to none, and with around 395 different species known to frequent the country, you’ll be sure to spot a few on your travels!



Nature and the countryside still play a huge role in life in Romania for many people all over the country. One of the most noticeable things about Romanian culture is the many strong folk traditions which have survived to this day, thanks to the rural nature of the Romanian communities. Romania’s rich folk traditions have been influenced by many sources over the years, but some of the most important elements of the culture include:

  • The traditional folk art which still plays a big part in Romanian life today, including wood carving, ceramics, weaving, and the embroidery of some spectacular costumes!
  • The strong element of spirituality and religion within the country, with over 90% of Romanians being Romanian Orthodox.
  • Romanian cuisine, which has been inspired by numerous traditions and elements, borrowing those from the Ottoman Empire as well as those from their Balkan neighbours. Soups, in particular, are a big part of Romanian cuisine - so grab a bowel and enjoy!

Experience it for yourself as a volunteer in Romania.

Popular Sights

Popular Sights

When you're not volunteering with Romania's wildlife, we recommend that you spend a little time getting acquainted with this fairy-tale destination. Some of the top sights to see include:

  • Bran Castle – this imposing14th-centuryy castle is a former royal residence and allegedly the inspiration for one of literature's most feared characters, Count Dracula…
  • The Palace of Culture – this incredible building is found in the city of Lasi and it will take you a while to explore the 298 massive rooms! Currently, the building is home to 4 different museums, making this the perfect place to learn a little more about Romania.
  • The Turda Salt Mine – don't be deceived by its unassuming title - the Turda salt mine really is something special, and has been credited as Business Insider's 'coolest underground place in the world'. Also known as 'Salina Turda', this underground attraction is unlike anything you'll have seen before.

History, nature, and the chance to learn about a fascinating country. What more could you ask for when volunteering in Romania?

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