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Gorillas are perhaps one of the most fascinating species to walk the Earth. Their likeness to humans is uncanny, with displays of laughter and sadness, and employing tools found within the jungle to assist with life in the forest. This comes as no surprise given that they share 98% of our DNA, however, instead of protecting our forest cousins, human impact poses many threats to gorilla populations across the globe.

By joining a project to volunteer with gorillas, you can play your part in the protection of these enchanting great apes, by encouraging responsible tourism and educating local communities on how, they too, can help.

Gorillas are vital components of the ecosystem, as they spread seeds throughout the forest from the foods they consume and make gaps in the trees which in turn allows sunlight to shine through, helping the jungle to thrive. Additionally, protecting gorilla habitat, in turn, safeguards indigenous communities living in the same forests as gorillas, as their homes are often impacted by habitat destruction. The preservation of gorilla habitat also has global benefits, for example, moisture produced from The Congo Basin jungle falls as rain in the US, so the depletion of these areas has drastic effects across the entire planet.

Volunteering with gorillas is a truly remarkable experience, as you get to witness these magical animals in their natural habitat, as well as help local communities to thrive and coexist with the apes in harmony. The Great Projects’ exclusive gorilla volunteer project cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world, so what are you waiting for? Secure a place to volunteer with gorillas today!

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