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Holiday differently and volunteer with whales for your next trip abroad.

Whales are part of the cetacean mammal family. Cetacean mammals are known for being highly specialised animals, including not just whales, but the intelligent and communicative dolphin, the tusked narwhals and more. However, human activity has meant that many species of Cetacea have become endangered.

By volunteering with whales, you can contribute to the conservation efforts of these magnificent creatures. You can take part in educational touristic whale watching programs which adhere to a strict ethical code of conduct that poses no harm to the animals, along with other activities such as identification projects to help understand their migration and distribution.

At the top of the food chain, whales are a fundamental component of marine ecosystems, helping to maintain the overall health of the oceans. However, their status and alluring nature, unfortunately, has not urged people to protect them, as many species of whale are endangered today. They face threats from scientific whaling, overfishing and like all other marine animals, ocean pollution.

By joining a whale volunteer program, you stand the chance of witnessing magnificent breaching humpback whales, the adorable and curious sperm whales, fin whales, sei whales and if you’re lucky, orcas! There’s nothing like seeing an animal of such grand size in their natural habitat, and you can feel assured knowing that during this experience you are not interfering with the animals in any way, whilst simultaneously contributing to vital whale conservation efforts.

Get in touch today and start your adventure as a volunteer with whales.

Volunteer with Whales

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6 - 55 Nights from $869.00

Help to assist a team of marine biologists in important whale and dolphin conservation.

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15 - 84 Nights from $1,994.00

Experience real field research, coming face-to-face with a multitude of marine life while helping to protect a biodiverse marine paradise, including a coastal complex and wetland of international importance, home to The Bar Reef!

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