Volunteer in Mozambique

Volunteer In Mozambique

Few destinations on earth can compare to Mozambique. As one of Africa’s most-loved locations, Mozambique offers something unique to those wishing to explore a ‘different’ side to the continent: gone are the game drives and desert tours; in their place, sleepy beach resorts are found beside big, bustling cities such as the nation’s capital, Maputo. Yet while the country encapsulates every element so beloved by tourists (past and present beautifully intertwine, as perfectly showcased by the nation’s architecture), the opportunity to volunteer in Mozambique presents visitors with an unparalleled experience that should not be missed.

By joining a conservation project in Mozambique, you will have the rare and exquisite opportunity to take a peek beneath the azure oceans which make this African hotspot so popular. Observe gregarious whale sharks, breaching humpbacks, and serene leatherback turtles as they swim just off the shore of idyllic Tofo: a diver’s paradise, and home to some of the most mesmerising marine life on earth. Mozambique’s conservation is vital if we wish to continue seeing such fantastic species in abundance, so why not consider jetting off on a volunteer holiday to aid Mozambique’s wildlife? It’s an experience you’ll never forget!

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Marine Life

Marine Life

Mozambique’s main drawcard is, arguably, the abundance of wildlife found beneath the waves of its picturesque coastline. It's why so many wish to volunteer in Mozambique. Tofo is one of the rawest underwater environments on the planet, playing host to such exciting species as those shown below:

  • Manta rays
  • Whale sharks
  • Humpback whales
  • Turtles
  • A variety of tropical fish
  • Hammerhead sharks

It is not only marine life which makes Mozambique's animals so enthralling, however. On dry land, the country has countless species of mammals and around 740 species of bird, so you don’t need your sea legs to spot some animal life! Be sure to pack your camera before embarking on a Mozambique volunteering adventure - you'll want to snap as many species as possible!

Finally, your volunteer work can help to make a marked difference to the nation's wildlife - be sure to check out our Mozambican Marine Conservation Project to find out exactly how you'll be helping the marine life around Tofo!



Mozambique’s culture is largely derived from its history of Bantu, Swahili, and Portuguese rule, but since it gained independence in 1975 the cultural element of the country has really begun to expand. With influences from Europe, Asia, and the historic inhabitants of Mozambique themselves, the country is a melting pot of music, food, architecture and traditions. Some of the most important elements of Mozambican culture include:

  • The traditional arts and crafts, which include the renowned Makonde with their wood carving and elaborate masks
  • Rich and vibrant foods, including spicy stews and plenty of fish
  • Skilful, often ritualistic dance: the Chopi tribe, for instance, act out battles dressed in animal skins, and the men of the Makua dance in colourful outfits whilst balancing on stilts!

Mozambique is a country which will supplies you with a rich and varied cultural experience, so take some time to observe - and don't be scared to get involved, too! Why not give it a go and volunteer in Mozambique?

Popular Sights

Popular Sights

With plenty of things to see on both land and sea, Mozambique provides the intrepid traveller with boundless opportunities to explore. Just a few of the most popular sites can be seen below, so consider setting aside a little time in your itinerary for the following:

  • Tofo – historically a small fishing village, Tofo now attracts troves of tourists per year - and it's not hard to see why! Find a quiet spot on the beach and observe whale sharks, humpbacks and sea turtles frolicking just off the shore!
  • Fort Sao Sebastiao – this remnant from the Portuguese colonial times is a fascinating landmark for any history buff, standing as the oldest complete fort in sub-Saharan Africa. The fort dates back to 1558 (when construction is understood to have begun) and can be seen toward the northern end of Stone Town.
  • Maputo - pay a visit to Mozambique's capital, if only to enjoy the famous Municipal Market - stalls overflow with delicious fresh produce, colourful spices, and other such delicacies. What better way is there to explore a new destination than by sampling the local delights?
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