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Throughout the year, we offer the chance to take part in certain projects at a special discounted rate. We do this as many of the wildlife centres, sanctuaries and game reserves that play host to our projects require a certain amount of funding for particular initiatives, and the more manpower and funding we can provide, the more we can support those projects in reaching their goals.

By offering special discounts, it not only allows us to maximise volunteer support for the incredible charities and organisations we work with, but it also offers you the opportunity to join an amazing volunteer experience at a discounted rate. So keep an eye out for our latest offers!

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Last Minute Availability

Last Minute Availability

Join between 5th October 2023 and 19th October 2023 and save 15% off the price of the project!

Last Minute Availability

Join between 25th September 2023 and 25th September 2023 and save 20% off the price of the project!

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