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Don't let Costa Rica's small size fool you: this Central American country is home to around 4% of all the wildlife found on earth, and it is a must-see location deserving of a place on any intrepid traveller’s bucket list. Its capital, San Jose, is a melting pot of culture and vibrancy, serving as a gateway to an equally fascinating country. Rolling hills, plunging valleys, verdant rainforests and sandy beaches pepper the nation's terrain, each location being home to a huge variety of exciting and endemic wildlife.

With the country boasting such an incredible array of animal life and spectacular scenery, volunteering in Costa Rica is something that everybody should consider doing during their lifetime. There are a number of impressive conservation projects in Costa Rica: animal sanctuaries and rugged beaches are just two places to consider visiting – and we offer projects at both such sites!

Should you wish to join a volunteering project in Costa Rica, you could play a vital role in the protection of the country’s most iconic species. Aiding animal conservation in Costa Rica could be one of the most rewarding things you ever choose to do, so dive in and discover all that this incredible country has to offer!

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Costa Rica is one of the most environmentally rich destinations on earth, playing host to an abundance of exciting species such as jaguars, snakes, turtles and sloths. The country's ecosystems are the primary contributors to this broad array of life: tropical rainforests, coastlines, cloud forests, and mangrove forests can be found across the nation, and as such, it is vital that these environments are protected. Consider becoming an animal volunteer in Costa Rica, at a wildlife sanctuary or by the ocean, working hard to protect such vulnerable species as sloths or the endangered Olive Ridley turtle from risks such as poachers, the pet trade, or environmental damage. After all, there are few ways you can make a meaningful difference more than at a volunteer project in Costa Rica!


Costa Rica’s conservation efforts have made the country incredibly famous (the nation has been hailed as the ‘happiest place in earth’, owing in part to reforesting efforts, the adoption of green energy initiatives, and non-disruptive farming activities), but this Central American destination is also famed for its culture! ‘Pura vida’ (‘pure life’) is something you’ll hear often during your visit, but it is more than just a phrase – it’s a way of life. Costa Rica’s people are incredibly laid-back and friendly, which may have something to do with their Spanish-Caribbean influence! From delicious native dishes (such as ‘Gallo Pinto’) to traditional holidays, dances and art, there’s so much for you to see in Costa Rica!

Popular Sights

Costa Rica’s sanctuaries and beaches are a great place to begin your volunteering adventure, but should you wish to expand on your travels somewhat, you’re in luck: the country is one of outstanding natural beauty, with rainforests, waterfalls and national parks all waiting to be discovered. However, it’s not all about nature here: the capital, San Jose, is a melting-pot of vibrancy and culture, though you may also wish to check out some of the following sights (when you're not preoccupied with volunteer work, of course!):

  • Chato Volcano – although it is one of the lesser known volcanos in Costa Rica, this stunning landmark is topped by a stunning emerald green crater lake.
  • La Fortuna Waterfall - this beautiful waterfall is set against a stunning backdrop of wild forest, making it the perfect place to explore!
  • Uvita Island – if you are into your surfing, then this is the place for you! Catch a wave or two or spend some time relaxing by the shore!

Got the travel bug? Costa Rica will certainly be your cure – get out there and explore all that this amazing nation has to offer!


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