Volunteering in Costa Rica

Don't let Costa Rica's small size fool you, this Central American country is home to around 4% of all the wildlife found on earth, and it is a must-see on the list of any intrepid traveller. San Jose is the capital in this diverse country, which has hills, valleys, rainforests, mountains, and sandy beaches, all of which are home to a huge variety of wildlife, and some of which can't be found anywhere else in the world.

Boasting an incredible array of animal life and spectacular scenery, volunteering in Costa Rica is something that everybody should try and do in their lifetime. What better way to see this country then to volunteer in the tropical climbs? It will give you the best possible chance to see and explore the environment of the country whilst making a difference to the local wildlife so what are you waiting for? Make a difference now!

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As we mentioned earlier, this small nation is home to 4% of all animal life on earth. This means that Costa Rica is home to 210, species of mammal, around 878 species of bird, 218 species of reptiles, and over 35,000 species of insect. To cut a long story short, Costa Rica is the place to go if you want to take part in an animal conservation holiday. Some of the animals you may be able to see when there include:

  • Jaguars
  • Sloths
  • Ocelots
  • Monkeys
  • Bears
  • Boa Constrictors

You will struggle to find such a high concentration and variation of animal life in such a small space anywhere else on Earth. The variety of ecosystems found in the country are the primary contributors to this broad array of life, and with tropical rainforests, deciduous forests, coastlines, cloud forests, and mangrove forests all found here, it’s no wonder so many animals call the country home!


Costa Rica’s culture has been formed by a unique mix of other cultures. The country has been most heavily influenced by the Spanish, who colonized the area in the 16th century. Other cultures to have had an impact on the Costa Rican way of life include the Caribbean and Jamaican cultures. This has led to a unique blend of social rules and traditions, and some of the things to take note of before you travel to Costa Rica are:

  • Be wary on the roads in the country. The driving laws are not really enforced, so stay aware if you rent a car
  • You won’t see half of the shops you are used to. There won’t a McDonalds on every corner!
  • Try to use the pronoun “usted” (you) rather than the less formal pronoun “tu” (you) as this is considered incredibly rude here. Locals are more forgiving to tourists but this is something to be aware of!

You will love Costa Rican culture!

Popular Destinations

Costa Rica is a land of outstanding natural beauty, and this gives the intrepid traveller a big chance to explore some of the most untouched forests and coastlines in the world. However it is not all about the nature in Costa Rica, as the capital city of San Jose is well worth a visit too. Some of the places you could visit here include:

  • Chato Volcano – Although it is one of the lesser known volcanos in Costa Rica, this stunning volcano is topped by a stunning emerald green crater lake.
  • La Fortuna Waterfall - This beautiful waterfall is set against a stunning backdrop of wild forest and it is the perfect place to walk to, in order to take a dip!
  • Uvita Island – If you are into your surfing then this is the place to head to in Costa Rica, and here you can catch the waves to your hearts content!

Costa Rica is the perfect place to head to next if you have caught the travel bug!

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