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Have you ever dreamt of becoming a wildlife volunteer in South America? From the tropical rainforests of Brazil to the snow-capped peaks of the Andes Mountain, hosting a wide array of exotic animals, there is no surprise why South America is the perfect continent to volunteer in. 

South America is well-known and home to some of the most diverse wildlife species on the planet, with a vast range of opportunities to observe them in their natural surroundings. From sloths to monkeys, right through to jaguars in Peru, South America truly is a unique continent, just waiting to be discovered.

These illustrious inhabitants are under constant pressure and worryingly, numbers are in decline. Deforestation and the illegal pet trade are just some of the issues the wildlife species of South America are dealing with. On average, over 6,000 sq. km of the Amazon rainforest is destroyed each year resulting in a very fragile eco-system, therefore increasing the need for wildlife conservation efforts. 

As a volunteer in South America, you will aid the conservation of endangered species as well as work together with other wildlife volunteers to take part in a range of activities from animal feeding through to enrichment.  Volunteering is essential for the preservation of the South American eco-system, so whether it’s your first time as a volunteer or you’re a seasoned traveller; why not join a rewarding and life-changing wildlife conservation project in South America today. 

Who Volunteers

South America has become an increasingly popular continent amongst volunteers over the years, with travellers of all ages and abilities looking to take part in wildlife conservation efforts. 

Our award-winning projects cater for everyone from groups and families to individual jet-setters, all with the same goal as one another. The volunteers who join our projects all share a similar passion for wildlife and play a major role in creating a sustainable future for the animals involved.

Whether you are looking to trek through rugged rainforests in search of tropical wildlife or walk along glorious sandy beaches, whatever your interests, there are ample wildlife opportunities to suit you. 

Why Volunteer

South America offers diverse indigenous wildlife, an exotic culture and stunning landscapes ranging from lush vistas and peaking volcanoes. 

Volunteers in South America endeavour to aid conservation efforts for wild animals; ranging from sloths to monkeys and even wild cats, in the hope to prevent them from becoming extinct. 

As a wildlife volunteer, you will help to protect endangered animals in securing a future as well as meeting like-minded people from all over the world. You will have the opportunity to assist in all areas of conservation from observing and monitoring the animals in Bolivia to carrying out reforestation in Peru. Whatever it is that draws you to South America; consider volunteering today for a rewarding and worthwhile experience you’ll never forget. 

Things To Avoid

When travelling to South America, you will need to be wary of any attractions where you can swim with dolphins. These incredible creatures are kept in captivity and lured in with bait to entertain tourists as and when required. 

Along with dolphins, you will also need to be vigilant of any tourist attractions or opportunities where you pay to interact, hold and take photos with wild animals. This could vary from small shacks on the side of the road to large hotel resorts. No matter what the price is, or where it is being offered, it is unacceptable. These wild animals are taken from their natural habitat, suffer captivity and are forcibly handled by tourists. 

To be sure you are not contributing to the illegal wildlife trade and exploitation of these magnificent wild animals, we recommend you do not pay to hold, take 'selfies' or swim with any wild animals.

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