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When combined, the countries in the Americas are home to an incredible amount of wildlife, some of which cannot be found anywhere else on Earth. Perhaps the most well known location for wildlife in the Americas is the Amazon rainforest, and this awe inspiring bubble of biodiversity is home to 427 mammal, 1,300 bird, 378 reptile, and over 400 amphibian species. However, this haven of animal life is under a very real threat, as over 50,000 square miles of it is being destroyed each year making it a very fragile ecosystem and increasing the need for conservation efforts.

The Amazon rainforest is not the only location within which animal conservation efforts are needed in the Americas. In Costa Rica the number of turtles are in decline, in Mexico the shark and whale populations need careful monitoring to ensure that an increase in tourism does not have a negative impact on their numbers, and in Bolivia animal trafficking is becoming an ever increasing problem. The continents of North and South America have some of the worlds most biodiverse countries within them, but unless something changes soon we could witness an unprecedented decline in the number of animals which call these locations home.

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