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For the traveller, Bolivia is one of South America's most awe-inspiring and enchanting destinations. With an array of activities to explore and diverse scenery to enjoy, the country is fast becoming a must visit location on any trip to the continent. It is the perfect place in which to become a wildlife conservation volunteer!

Most journeys here begin in the stunning city of La Paz – the world's highest capital. Framed by the 6,088 metre high towering peak of Huayna Potosi, La Paz is definitely a scenic introduction. Explore its countless markets and the inimitable 'Valley of the Moon' – the founding location of Dias de los Muertos (the Day of the Dead). Aside from the capital, there are many other impressive locations in which to explore. From the wildlife rich pampas region to the north to the shimmering shores of Lake Titicaca; Bolivia is a country that keeps on giving.

One of Bolivia’s most underrated hidden gems is its wildlife. The number of animal species here is something you will not believe until you see it, and taking the chance to volunteer with monkeys, birds and even some lizard species will be something you will never forget! Combine a trip here with a spell of Wildlife Conservation Volunteering, and this could be one of the most exciting and unforgettable experiences that you could have – why not consider becoming our next Bolivia volunteer now!

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It would be nearly impossible to write in detail about the sheer abundance of wildlife that can be found in Bolivia, but here we are going to do our best to inform you a little about the incredible array of animals you can expect to see in this South American gem. There are literally thousands of different species of bird, mammal, fish, reptile, and amphibians in Bolivia, but some of the more famous ones you may be able to spot include:

  • Jaguars
  • Sloths
  • Llamas
  • Monkeys
  • Bears
  • Parrots

Whilst there is a huge variety of animal life to be found in Bolivia, a large percentage of it is in grave danger of becoming extinct if something is not done soon. Poaching and habitat destruction are the two biggest threats facing the wildlife of Bolivia, so unless conservation efforts are increased, this could lead to an irreversible change. You can help by volunteering in Bolivia, and your efforts will go towards the conservation of many animals in this diverse country.


Bolivia’s very name comes from a leader in the nineteenth century wars of independence against Spain, Simon Bolivar, so this should tell you a lot about how the culture of the country has been influenced over the years. The official language of Bolivia is in fact Spanish, and certain elements of Spanish culture can be found here alongside the more traditional Incan remnants. Some important things to know when in Bolivia are:

  • The fact that politeness plays a big part in the everyday lives of most Bolivians. Remember to say please and thank you and you will fit in well here!
  • It is common in Bolivia to stand in very close proximity to the person you are interacting with, so don’t feel threatened if someone get a little closer than you were expecting!
  • Religion and festivals are very important to the Bolivian people, and as long as you are considerate of the traditions of these events you will be welcome to join in more often than not!

We dare you not to enjoy Bolivian culture!

Popular Destinations

With luscious jungles and hundreds of years of history to explore, Bolivia certainly has a lot going on. However it can be a little daunting trying to pick and choose where to visit, but we are here to help. Some of Bolivia’s attractions include:

  • The Yungas Road- Not for the faint hearted, this road has been christened the most dangerous in the world and for good reason. Keep away from the edge!
  • Salar de Uyuni – This is a destination unlike any other. These salt flats are one of the flattest locations on earth, and after rainfall they take on a new artistic element, perfectly reflecting the sky above them
  • Lake Titicaca – You’ve probably heard of it but were unsure where it was located. Well, it is in Bolivia and this gorgeous lake provides the perfect place to relax.

Bolivia is an incredible place to explore, so start planning your trip now!

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