Tiger Conservation in India

100 years ago it was easy to see the tiger in its natural habitat - around 100,000 of them roamed across Asia, including several sub-species that are now extinct. Today the number of tigers in the wild is about 3,000 and if this trend continues, tigers may cease to exist.

This is why tiger conservation efforts are needed if we want to give these animals a shot at having a sustainable future.  At The Great Projects, we offer you the chance to get involved with tiger conservation projects and tours that enable you to encounter these gracious animals in the most responsible way. 

Our tiger conservation experiences are located in protected national parks in India. These are some of the most important areas in the world for tiger conservation and protection, as they provide a safe haven in which the tigers can live freely. Populations of these big cats have been declining for a century as they compete with growing human populations for habitat space, which is a serious concern when you consider that tigers are solitary animals and claim large territories. This pressure exists alongside relentless poaching, conflict with humans and the demand for their bones as an ingredient in Chinese medicine. 

If you want to play your part in tiger conservation, then look no further! Get in touch to start your next adventure today. 

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Visit the fabled Kanha National Park: home to a stunning array of wildlife, including leopards, wild dogs, and of course the famous Bengal tiger.

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Endangered Status


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