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When you think about volunteering abroad with animals, what comes to mind? African wildlife, such as lions, rhinos and elephants? What about volunteering in Europe? This diverse continent is often forgotten when it comes to volunteering abroad, as the majority of people would choose locations such as Asia or Africa first before even considering Europe. With that being said, volunteering in Europe is terribly under-rated yet has so much to offer, as people do not realise that Europe is home to some exquisite, natural hidden gems and amazing wildlife!

While Europe is renowned for its rich culture and ancient history, rather than its biodiversity, there are still endangered species in need of help here. By becoming a volunteer in Europe you could help species such as the Eurasian wolf, Siberian tiger, brown bear or even the Arctic fox, all of which can be found across this close-knit continent. However, pollution, climate change and habitat loss are all contributing factors to the decrease in wildlife population across Europe. As a result of this, conservation efforts are needed now more than ever to aid in the protection of these iconic animals.

As a wildlife volunteer, you will have the chance to work with other like-minded people in building a safer future for the animals across Europe. You could take part in activities ranging from whale monitoring in the secluded paradise of the Azores to feeding brown bears in the unspoilt countryside of Romania. With its untouched, peaceful countryside and deep valleys; you will have the opportunity to volunteer in a range of destinations across Europe, all offering rewarding and life-changing experiences.

Whether you are looking to volunteer for the first time or if you are city-hopping through Europe, join a project today and turn a holiday into a volunteering experience you’ll never forget. Start your journey to becoming a volunteer in Europe today.

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6 - 55 Nights from $869.00

Help to assist a team of marine biologists in important whale and dolphin conservation.

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7 - 28 Nights from $1,494.00

Volunteer at one of Europe's best bear sanctuaries and aid in the conservation of these incredible animals.

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Who Volunteers in Europe

Who Volunteers in Europe

Europe is the heart of the Western world, with millions of visitors travelling each year.

People of all ages choose to volunteer in Europe from first-time travellers to seasoned jet-setters, all who share similar views on wildlife conservation. 

You may be looking to travel alone, wanting to explore Europe and all within it whilst meeting friendly volunteers along the way, or maybe you are a newly wedded couple, looking to spend their honeymoon volunteering with animals abroad. 

Our award-winning projects are suitable for everyone, whether you’re in a group or family, or even at university.

No matter who you are or your background, The Great Projects have wildlife opportunities to suit you. Get in touch today and become a volunteer in Europe.

Why Volunteer in Europe

Why Volunteer in Europe

Volunteering in Europe has never been easier, with a variety of travel options available for you choose from; you can opt to drive through this remarkable continent whilst taking in spectacular sights or find manageable flight routes from wherever you may be. 

Volunteers are choosing Europe for many reasons, helping to save the iconic wildlife being one of them; from brown bears, huskies to marine life.

During your time as a volunteer, you will gain new life experiences, create lasting memories, and potentially make life-long friends, all whilst helping to save endangered animals. 

Europe has long been the go-to destination for many volunteers, as more and more people are choosing to stop over at other countries within Europe during their travels. With magnificent wildlife, diverse landscapes and easy stop-overs, the overall volunteering experience in Europe is an unforgettable one!

Things To Avoid

Things To Avoid

Whilst parts of Europe have banned the use of wild animals in circus acts, unfortunately, the rest of the continent still allows this to go on. 

These wild animals are taken from their natural habitats, many as babies, caged and kept in cruel conditions. Distressed and fearful, they are then forced to perform tricks and routines in the tourism industry for human entertainment. 

To be sure you are not encouraging such animal exploitation, we recommend you do not visit or support any attractions or circus acts where wild animals are involved.

Instead, volunteer in Europe to help support conservation efforts and put a stop to the mistreated animals for good!