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It all began with one project: The Great Orangutan Project, located in Malaysian Borneo. This served as our first foray into sustainable travel and opened the door for more ethical, exciting volunteer experiences in the years to come. After having worked with local authorities, passionate project facilitators and hardworking volunteers, The Great Orangutan Project proved that there is ‘a better way to holiday’ and encouraged us to use our expertise to expand into Africa, the Americas, Europe, and other areas in Asia.

Today, we offer more than 35 projects to those wishing to work alongside some of the world’s most incredible wildlife species. In addition to helping our volunteers to make a difference to conservation efforts, we proudly offer those same experiences in completely breath-taking environments: from volunteering with orangutans in the Bornean rainforest to swimming with whale sharks in the Indian Ocean, you’re sure to find a project that’s perfect for you. What’s more, we ensure that our volunteers are completely immersed in their chosen experience, enabling you to have a taste of the life of an animal keeper, game ranger, or wildlife conservationist during your time on our projects.

So, if you’ve always dreamed of working with animals abroad, then why not consider joining one of our projects today? Our experiences promise to be memorable, rewarding, and meaningful – so get in touch to see how you can get involved.

Where We Work


We send our volunteers to exciting destinations around the world on a range of unique and thoroughly worthwhile projects, helping travellers to make a real, sustainable difference to their chosen cause. What’s more, we provide our volunteers with a dedicated UK-based team who ensure that they are supported through all stages of their experience: from the initial enquiry all the way through to your return home, you can rest assured that our team will be ready to provide you with all the informative, friendly assistance you could possibly need.

Our Mission

We work with organisations worldwide to establish high standards in animal welfare and conservation within the responsible tourism sector. The Great Projects believe in using sustainable tourism as a tool to positively impact local communities and at-risk environments to aid the conservation of endangered animals and fragile ecosystems. You won’t find any of our projects or tours exploiting animals, the local area or the community, and we refuse to work with any organisation which fails to adhere to responsible tourism standards. Take a look at our responsible travel policy to find out more!.


In addition to offering incredible wildlife experiences, we’ll help you to make a difference even long after you return home, as every time you volunteer with us, up to $450 of your project fee is donated to the project itself, which in turn continues to provide support to the project staff, animals and local communities you’ve left behind. Who knew that your yearly holiday could leave a lasting legacy? With The Great Projects, you’ll be able to do just that.

To view an annual breakdown of donations and find out more about where your money goes, please click here.

Total Conservation
Donations in 2013-2022

Up To $450
Per Project

Financial Protection

Book with Confidence as we provide full financial protection for your project fees. We are members of the Association of Bonded Travel Organisers Trust Limited (ABTOT), who provide financial protection under its ATOL Franchise and The Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018. This means that in the event of insolvency, our traveller’s fees are fully protected. For more details please see our terms and conditions.

If you book your flights with us then your booking is also ATOL protected meaning you will receive an ATOL Certificate upon booking and in the event of insolvency, your money is fully protected.

Health and Safety

Here at The Great Projects, we are dedicated to providing our volunteers with the utmost protection with regards to health and safety. Adventurous travel always involves some degree of risk and our top priority is to keep you safe and protect you as much as possible whilst still giving you an authentic experience in your chosen destination.

We conduct extensive health and safety assessments to make sure all potential hazards have been identified and everything that can be done to reduce them, has been, and we make sure you have the information you need about the destination you are visiting and how to stay safe and healthy while you are there. We are also partnered with Endsleigh Insurance and offer our volunteers comprehensive travel insurance for all our projects. Find out more and view the policy here.

Working on Projects