Why Are There No Tigers In Africa?

Why Are There No Tigers In Africa?

Posted by Adam Smith on 12th Sep 2017

Despite being home to elephants, lions, hippos, and more dominant animals, there have never been any wild tigers in Africa.

It’s surprising to many. As part of the Felidae family of cats, ancestors of tigers originated in Africa. The family includes cheetahs, lions, tigers, leopards and jaguars - some of which do live in the African plains.

However, it is believed that one branch of the family travelled to Asia roughly two million years go, eventually evolving into the striped predators that sit atop the food chain in areas of India, Nepal and elsewhere today.

Although this is the common belief among researchers, no one knows for definite why tigers chose long ago to migrate from their homeland and never return.

J.L. David Smith, a professor at the University of Minnesota's department of fisheries, wildlife and conservation biology, explained: “One can offer a series of speculations about why tigers did not get to Africa, but they are all speculations.”

Wildlife Conservation Society figures show that there are currently around 3,000 tigers left in the wild, and the animals are endangered in Asia as a result of poaching, loss of habitat, and a lack of prey.

Could tigers survive in the wild in Africa?

Since relatives such as leopards and lions live in Africa, many have wondered whether tigers could also live on the continent, but it’s unfortunately impossible to give a conclusive answer.

In September 2003, two captive-born South China tiger cubs were introduced to South Africa by Li Quan, an ex-fashion executive from Beijing, and her husband Stuart Bray, founders of the Save China’s Tigers Foundation.

The two purchased 30,000 hectares of land in South Africa for the breeding project, which aimed to rewild them in the continent before moving them back to China, but it was met with criticism after several of the cubs died.

Due to the vast differences between Asia and Africa’s ecosystems, we may never know whether or not tigers could survive on the continent.

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harry commented 2 months ago
i love tigers

500 characters remaining
Natso commented 3 months ago

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Paul Bick commented 4 months ago
This article is out of date. The ancestor of the tiger was not from Africa. Consensus now is that cats originated in Asia and dispersed from there to the other continents via ice age land bridges to finally evolve into their present species. Thus there were Asian lions, but never African tigers.

500 characters remaining
Cyril commented 4 months ago
Thanks for the information about tigers that I did not know.

500 characters remaining
Tokunboh commented 5 months ago
This is incorrect. There is evidence and at least one documented case of a wild tiger in 1912 in Lagos Nigeria...I have the pictures to prove it.

500 characters remaining
replied 4 months ago
obviously you cant tell if it is a wild animal or not. of course many tigers have been transferred in Africa for domestic reasons or for entertainment (zoos). did you take a DNA sample to prove it or just a photo?
Mr Spud commented 7 months ago
"A tiger...in Africa? Palin

500 characters remaining
nitinkumar commented 8 months ago
Love this. Export to African jungles.

500 characters remaining
Josie Ellis commented 8 months ago
Excellent article

500 characters remaining
McDennis Atayi commented 2 years ago
It could be due to the harshness of the whether that the Tigers can't survive here?

500 characters remaining
Patrick commented 2 years ago
Is a surprise to me because lions and other wild animals are found in africa. Is a good thing to know that

500 characters remaining
Patrick Mulei commented 2 years ago
Apart from Mr Struat Bray's experiment with her wife on the tiger project in South Africa, has there been any other attempt to breed Tigers in Africa Continent? I find it very surprising that tigers cousins-the pantheras(lion, leopard etc survive in Africa) What, then , are the tiger's biological special features that they exhibit??

500 characters remaining
Snow Africa Adventure
replied 2 years ago
Great Job
scarlet commented 2 years ago
you are right...

500 characters remaining
Lamonte kendrick
replied 8 months ago
Maybe they have chosen the wrong eco sytstem. Tigers may require a more wet tropical environment . the lion is not a desert cat neither of the open plain He is a hunter from a sneak approach.not open areas liken to the lion and the cheetah. He is large but has the surprise attribitutes of the domesticated house cat.
Steven g.
replied 7 months ago
Lions hunt in packs. Tigers hunt alone and don't share their kill unless it's nursing. Their is no comparing the two. Lions are social and live in packs tigers don't!
Ben commented 2 years ago
The question of not having tigers in Africa has always busied my mind and I want to know more more about bit.

500 characters remaining
man commented 2 years ago
bad job

500 characters remaining
bobb commented 2 years ago
i do not get it they were they onec

500 characters remaining
Florent Ipananga commented 2 years ago
Hello Adam!
Your Blog is absolutely informative. I really appreciate your work. Inspired by your blog I made some research & have written a blog about the absence of this biggest cat in the paradise of wildlife like Tanzania. you can check it out @ https://snowafricaadventure.com/blog/why-there-is-no-tiger-in-tanzania/

500 characters remaining
Robert Simpson commented 3 years ago
They didn't "get to" Africa because they were lions when they left and over the several million years, they have retained their capability to reproduce cubs with lions, which are often sterile offspring.

500 characters remaining
Seth commented 3 years ago
They would go great on the east edge of the Congo

500 characters remaining
replied 4 weeks ago
На самом деле есть большой всемирный заговор против тигров в Африке .На мозаиках в Тунисе и Алжире есть изображение диких и прирученных тигров ,местные жители и жители Рима их там отлавливали для битв в Колизее. Есть гравюры где охотники Алжира охотятся на дикого тигра . Есть гравюра о египетских тиграх , также картины о тиграх Марокко ,в 1956 г по моему был описан Суданский тигр убит в Судане ,его назвали пантера суданенсис , сам Нельсон Мандела утверждал что в Африке живут тигры .

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