Our 5 Favourite Things About Costa Rica - From The Slow Sloths To The Stunning Scenery!

Our 5 Favourite Things About Costa Rica - From The Slow Sloths To The Stunning Scenery!

Posted by Matthew Prior on 12th Jul 2017

Costa Rica - even the name has a ring to it, is home to the true Pura Vida, a self-proclaimed paradise, and it is the peaceful soul of all the Americas. As far back as the 1940’s saw an instant turnaround in the nation’s priorities and radical adjustments were made to implement more a positive future for one and all.

It certainly worked. Costa Rica is a thriving, tropical masterpiece. The landscape, the culture and the mood all remain enticing and reinvigorating for those that visit. Every visitor has their favourite thing about Costa Rica, but here are our top five:

It's The Happiest Place On Earth!

Costa Rica Happy

You may have heard of the Happy Planet Index. They provide us with data in a league format, showing which are the happiest/ most struggling countries based on their sustainable well being and, well… happiness. It also takes into consideration their ecological footprint and levels of equality. When all of these things have been taken into consideration, Costa Rica has been named the happiest country on Earth!

Because of their careful planning and strong financial support of their local environments, including their rainforests, Costa Rica is a world leader in environment protection and the reduction in use of fossil fuels.

The people, fondly calling themselves Ticos, believe in the cause, and have adapted their lives accordingly, with 99% of the country’s electricity coming from various renewable energy sources. It won’t take long after arriving on this tropical paradise to see why the locals are some of the happiest people on the planet!

It's The Perfect Place For Outdoor Adventures

Costa Rica Vista

Costa Rica’s terrain is extremely diverse, with deep cut valleys, spiralling ravines, dense rainforest areas, and even volcanoes, the largest reaching up to 3431 metres. All trails lead to somewhere incredible, an awaiting adventure, and the ultimate chance to explore the unseen. Even on the coast, the beaches are untouched, the coves and caves are virtually unexplored and the vast green spaces offer so much to outdoorsy explorers and hikers.

It isn’t an unaffordable tropical fantasy, it is a real life, underrated and a wondrous jewel of the world. Check out the Monteverde Cloud Forest, Volcano Arenal and test your nerve on the many river miles with some white-water rafting. If you are a surfer, or wanting to learn, you NEED to head to the beaches in Costa Rica!

It Has Some Of The Worlds Most Incredible Biodiversity

Colourful Bird in Costa Rica

Even though Costa Rica is relatively small in size compared to its central and South American neighbours, it contains 4% of the planet’s biodiversity. It helps being so geographically well-placed that all varieties of species and ecosystems benefit from Costa Rica’s perfect climate. Insects, marine life, rare plants and huge rainforest areas are loving life in Costa Rica’s tropical paradise! As Costa Rica’s influence in environmental preservation continues to grow, so does the quality of life for all creatures that live there. For those that love nature, proof of funding protection for the environment is in abundance here. You only have to look as far as Costa Rica’s stance on deforestation to understand how far they’ve come in protecting our world.

Strawberry Poison Dart Frog

You will find thousands of unusual species living here. Ever heard of a Strawberry Poison Dart Frog? Well you have now!

It Is Extremely Easy To Get There

Plane in the air

Did you honestly worry that Costa Rica was difficult to get to from your home country? Think again. Our Flights Department will detail a flight plan to get you there that will help you realise just how near you are to paradise. Flights to either Liberia or to the capital of San José are good from other parts of the Americas, and from the UK and Europe. There are coast lines on both sides of the country, direct road links to Panama and Nicaragua should be planning a longer trip, and of course plenty of reasons to stay in Costa Rica itself!

It Provides Amazing Care And Support For Its Animal Life

Animal Conservation in Costa Rica

What we love the most about Costa Rica is its respect for its endangered animals. There are strong efforts to protect and conserve animals such as the amazingly cute Sloth and one of Earth’s oldest creatures, the sea turtle. Both have had some troubled times over the past few decades, with man being a major threat to their dwindling numbers.

Huge steps have been taken to protect these animals, and many more, from harm, and the hard work is starting to pay off as populations have started to show signs of increase.

We are very proud to have a hand in the efforts to protect and conserve such fascinating animals, and we urge you to keep helping us help the wonderful teams of people in Costa Rica who are working hard every day to continue the recovery of these amazing animals.

Those that have been to Costa Rica will have their own lists of their own incredible experiences, but we think everyone can agree that the country as a whole should be seen as nothing short of a world influencer, a leading pioneer in the protection of our planet and its inhabitants, and they do it all with a smile!

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