Working With Sloths

Have you ever wanted to work with sloths? Then look no further, as here at The Great Projects we can provide you with the opportunity to do just that!

Thanks to their slow nature, sloths have become an iconic species, beloved by many worldwide and becoming the focal point of online jokes, various types of merchandise such as teacups and t-shirts and so much more. However, with this attention came the notion of wildlife selfies, along with the urge to keep sloths as pets, and so the animals fell victim to the illegal wildlife trade.

The rainforests of The Americas which the sloths call home are being destroyed at an alarming rate for palm oil plantations, settlements and logging. This leaves the sloth vulnerable to predators in the jungle, as well as providing poachers with easy access to seize the animals to be sold into the wildlife trade.

Sloths need your help if they stand a chance of having a future for generations to come, so take a look at our sloth projects today, and you could be working with sloths in no time!

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Sloths At A Glance

Endangered/Least Concern
Dependent On Species
The Americas

How Endangered Are Sloths?

There are two different types of sloth and within them, six different subspecies. The pygmy sloth is critically endangered, with the maned sloth classed as vulnerable. The remaining species are listed as of least concern, however with the pressures they continue to face, it is likely this could change unless action is taken. Pygmy sloth numbers are thought to be as low as 100 and this is an indication of what could happen to the other species if action is not taken now. By working with sloths, you can make a lasting impact on their conservation.

Threats Sloths Are Facing
  • Deforestation - the condition of the world’s sloth population is entirely dependent on the health of the world’s rainforests. This is why sloths are in such danger as deforestation continues to occur at such extreme rates.
  • Illegal Wildlife Trade – while it may be some people’s dream to take a selfie with a sloth, the wildlife trade poses an extreme threat to these adorable animals. They are snatched from their jungle homes, shoved into bags and forced to be the source of human entertainment day after day, only to retire to awful living conditions at night.
Fast Facts
  • The two different types of sloths are named the two-toed sloth and three-toed sloth but all of them actually have three toes! Their names are in reference to the claws on their front limbs.
  • Sloths are renowned for taking their time, but did you know that on land they move at just 2 meters per minute, and in the trees just 3 meters per minute?
  • Some sloths can stretch their already long tongues up to 10-12 inches out of their mouths!
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