Our Top 5 Volunteer Projects For Students

Our Top 5 Volunteer Projects For Students

Posted by Leanne Sturrock on Mar 27, 2017

When you’re a student, the idea of travel beckons to you constantly. The idea of escapism is palpable, and the thought of disappearing off into the sunset (so long, dissertation!) grows all the more tempting with every passing day. Your friends are uploading pictures of their own adventures, and you’re itching to get out there, too…but where should you go for your first big adventure overseas? And, furthermore, what kind of adventure should you take?

An increasingly popular option for students these days appears in the form of volunteering. By allowing participants to see the world through a unique set of eyes while making a real difference to those that need it, volunteering is the perfect route for anybody looking to gain some valuable life experience while having a fantastic time in the process. And the best news is, your volunteering expedition isn’t going to break the bank.

Here at The Great Projects, we are proud to send our volunteers to some of the most exciting destinations in the world, while offering you the chance to interact with seriously incredible wildlife species and making a real difference to conservation efforts across the globe. And when it comes to students, we’ve got a great selection of projects for you to choose from…

Wildlife Orphanage In South Africa

Volunteering with animals in South Africa

As our cheapest project, the Wildlife Orphanage in South Africa is the perfect option for any students fresh out of university. This project offers some incredible experiences, from working with beautiful animal species (such as leopards, caracal and meercats), to working with some of South Africa's underprivileged children. Whether teaching is something you've considered as a career or not, this is an opportunity that should not be missed: see what it means to be at the heart of a diverse and vital programme, caring for desperate animals in need as well as educating South Africa's youth about the importance of conservation, among other things. Participants are always passionate, the local environment is breathtaking, and your hard work on the project will have a lasting impact on all those that you meet. Prices start at £460.

Bolivia Wildlife Sanctuary

Volunteer in Bolivia

Another fantastic location for your first post-university volunteer trip is Bolivia, South America. Already a popular destination for young adults, South America is often at the top of a student's 'bucket list.' See the country in from a unique perspective by visiting the Bolivia Wildlife Sanctuary. Home to an abundance of fabulous wildlife such as monkeys, wild cats and exotic bird species, Bolivia is a melting-pot of fascinating landscapes, cultures and traditions. Of course, when volunteering, much of your time will be spent caring for the aforementioned animals: hundreds of rescued animals reside at the sanctuary, which means that volunteers can expect to be involved in enrichment activities and the improvement of facilities. And, as a fun little bonus, volunteers who spend four or more weeks here will be able to spend time focusing on specific animals at the sanctuary - so if it's always been your dream to work with monkeys, or to help save exotic bird species, you'll gain fantastic experience here! Prices start at £645.

Costa Rica Turtle Conservation Experience

Volunteer in Costa Rica

Central America's allure is hard to deny, and the tiny country of Costa Rica is home to a vast variety of animals - as well as some truly stunning locations! The Reserva Playa Tortuga site is based on the scenic Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, immediately immersing volunteers in a wide variety of habitats and locations unique to this part of the world. Four species of sea turtle can be found here, including the Olive Ridley Turtle. Important conservation activities much be carried out to protect this increasingly-endangered species, and by taking part in the collection of crucial scientific data (and the relocation of eggs), you will be committing to a safer future for these incredible marine animals. Prices start at £511.

Namibia Wildlife Sanctuary

Volunteer with animals in Namibia

This is one of our most popular projects of all, and it's not hard to see why. The Namibia Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most interactive and wild projects of all, allowing volunteers to get up close and personal with some truly spectacular wildlife species. It’s also an awesome choice for social butterflies: group sizes are large, and you have your evenings and weekends on the project to spend as leisure. In addition, all meals and beverages are included throughout your two weeks at the project, providing excellent value for money. But let’s go back to what the project actually has to offer in terms of volunteering. The opportunity to interact with leopards, cheetahs and baboons doesn’t come across often and, particularly in the case of the latter, these interactions are some of the most valuable experiences you could ask for – did you know that, by being a volunteer in Namibia, you can babysit orphaned baboons? These petite primates often have trouble sleeping alone at night, so if you’re up to it, you can cuddle up with them throughout the night, offering a sense of security to the animal and enjoying a truly unique experience for yourself. Now, how amazing does that sound? Prices start at £775.

Victoria Falls Conservation Experience

Victoria Falls

Finally, allow us to introduce you to the Victoria Falls Conservation Experience in Zimbabwe. This project ticks all of the right boxes for a student: great price, an awesome sense of adventure, the ability to learn and socialise, and all meals included, too. Add to that the fact that your Fridays nights and Saturdays are free, and you’re on to a winner – especially since there are awesome bars nearby for you to check-out with your newfound friends! In terms of volunteering, you’ll be following in the footsteps of explorer David Livingstone, delving into the beautiful landscapes of Victoria Falls. Spend time taking part in important conservation activities designed to protect the area’s native wildlife (such as the black rhinoceros), and pay a visit to the nearby Masuwe School to help build a better future for the young pupils there. This is a fantastic way to close the book on your days as a student, and an incredible experience you’ll never forget. Prices start at £725.

Which project is for you? Check out our project finder now to select your perfect volunteering experience!

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