Nordic Wilderness Adventure Tour

Explore the stunning wilderness of Finland, in pursuit of incredible wolves, bears and wolverines.

This incredible nine-day tour aims to provide small groups and families with an introduction to the wildlife and environment of one of Europe's last remnants of wilderness. Groups will explore Kainuu, a wilderness region of Finland on the border with Russia, characterised by stunning hills, forests, lakes and rivers, mires, and pure, wild habitat. It is this untamed environment which is home to wild forest reindeer, moose, and in particular, large carnivores which are either very rare or extinct elsewhere in Europe.

As a group, you will experience the thrill of living in Finland's remote taiga forests, a region famed for its rich tradition and proud culture - the region's settlement history is among the oldest in Finland – as well as its wildlife. This tour incorporates numerous activities (all carried out in association with the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation) involving wildlife conservation in Europe - including lending a helping hand at the husky-base, trekking into the wilderness with the dogs, canoeing to beaver dams and learning how to track bears before spending a night in a wildlife hide trying to spot various species in their natural habitat.

Accommodation consists of traditional log cabins, previously utilised by forest workers, which have been updated to include modern conveniences without sacrificing their simplistic, rural charm. And of course, there is a traditional Finnish sauna to unwind in at the end of the day – what more could you ask for?

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Tour Highlights

  • A night in a wildlife hide to try and spot bears, wolverines, lynx and wolves
  • Learn how to track bears and their behaviour
  • Spend a day feeding and grooming Huskies

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The fantastic tour will give you a taster of living in Finland's remote Taiga Forest, a region famed for its rich tradition and strong culture. In fact the region's settlement history is among the oldest in Finland, which with the addition of some of the most incredible wildlife in Europe makes the Taiga Forest a must visit destination.

This tour is also an incredible opportunity to be at one with nature. Stay in a beautiful cabin in the forest with a sauna, canoe to beaver dams and go in search of brown bears and you will be sure to leave all of the stress of the working world behind you.

Day 1

Day 1: Kuhmo

You will need to arrive into Kajaani or Kuopio International airport where you will be met by a tour representative. You will then start your transfer to the husky-base near Kuhmo. Please note: if you are arriving into Kuopio, this will incur an additional fee of €100 per person.

Day 2

Day 2: Husky Care

Today is spent with the huskies: grooming, feeding and massaging the dogs, as well as helping to build kennels and cabins for them. The farm of about 20 dogs is located on a lakeshore and surrounded by taiga forests. Dogs have always been known as man’s best friend, and this experience will prove exactly where this saying has come from as you care for your furry guides!

Day 3

Day 3: Husky Wilderness Trek

Head into the forests on a husky trek for the first taste of the Finnish wilderness. It offers a great opportunity to experience the wilderness lifestyle: hiking in nature, picking berries, mushrooms and herbs, cooking, chopping firewood, and heating up a sauna.

Day 4

Day 4: Tracking Reindeer

Today you will go tracking forest reindeer in the wilds of the forest! During spring/summer, we do not wish to disturb the wild reindeers during calving season, so you will be driven to see domesticated reindeers at a reindeer herding area - with the opportunity to see reindeer calves up close!

Day 5

Day 5: Wildlife Watching Hides

Assist in wildlife conservation in Europe by making and setting up boxes for birds and flying squirrels, and help to build wildlife-watching hides. You will feel totally at one with nature in the peaceful woodland landscapes, and will gain great satisfaction in contributing to your stunning surroundings.

Day 6

Day 6: Canoeing Tour

Transfer to a small river nearby for a canoeing tour to witness beavers working on their dams and lodges from the water. Eurasian beavers, once widespread, were hunted to near-extinction, but these fantastic little creatures are gnawing their way back from the edge! Since 1937, North American and Canadian beavers have been successfully introduced in on-going efforts to restore the population in Finland.

Day 7

Day 7: Bear Watching

Visit the Petola Visitor Centre to learn about carnivores and transfer to Lentiira village. Here, the group study bear tracks in the forest, learn about bear-watching in Finland and get ready for a night in the bear-watching hide. After a short walk, the whole night will be spent watching and photographing the wildlife with the hope of seeing bears, wolverine, lynx and possibly wolves. Meeting the European brown bear or wolverine in their natural environment is an unforgettable experience, especially whilst in the comfort and safety of specially-designed hides.

Day 8

Day 8: Taiga Spirit

Transfer back to Taiga Spirit B&B for breakfast, a shower and some time for some well-earned rest. In the late afternoon, you’ll help the guides warm up the yurt for one last sauna before your final dinner together on this one of a kind tour.

Day 9

Day 9: Flight Home

Transfer back to Kajaani or Kuopio airport for your return flight home or for you to continue your onward travel plans.

Start Dates & Prices

Unfortunately, it is not possible to book this project online, so please give us a call or send us an enquiry if you would like to discuss it or check availability.

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Tour Comfort: Comfortable

This tour has been categorised as 'Comfortable'. This is based on the modes of transport used, the comfort level of accommodation and any modern facilities that they have to offer. In terms of comparison, this level of travel would be similar to that of a 3-star status.

Tervahovi, Husky Base (NIGHT 1 - 4 & 6 - 7)

Twin or double room accommodation will be used in the simple but comfortable husky base with indoor toilet and electricity. The cabin has a kitchen, living room, and bedrooms have a fireplace and views to the lake. There is no shower as the place for washing is the traditional Finnish sauna with hot water (separate lakeside building with sauna room and dressing room).

Taiga Spirit B&B (NIGHT 8 - 9)

The last night will be spent at Taiga Spirit B&B in Lentiira village in a twin room with a toilet and shower in every room. The rooms include an internet connection and use of a mini kitchen(fridge, microwave and dishes)

Bear Watching Hide (NIGHT 5)

For one night you will be in the bear watching hide, beds and sleeping bags are available. and an eco-toilet is available to use.

Tour Details

Getting There

You will need to arrive into either Kajaani (approximately 1.5 hours away) or Kuopio International airport (approximately 3 hours away), where you will be met by a tour representative and transferred to the husky-base near Kumho. if you arrive into Kuopio there is an additional charge of €100 per person

If you would like help booking your flights, please visit our flights page and fill out the form. A member of our team will get back in touch as soon as possible with a suitable quote.

Visa Requirements

There is no visa required for most nationalities to enter Finland. Check the Finnish Immigration Website for detailed information.


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What's Included

  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Airport transfers to and from Kajaani (transfers from Kuopio will incur an additional €100 charge)

What's Not Included

  • Flights
  • Travel insurance