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If you have a keen interest in wildlife, love to travel and want to make a difference, then why not consider volunteering with animals in Africa?

Africa is home to some of the world’s most iconic animals and striking landscapes, with its beautiful golden sunsets and natural savannah plains, there is no reason why this spectacular continent should not already be on your bucket list.

Animals are the heart and soul of Africa, but in recent years many have become, or are already in real danger of becoming extinct. The decline of some of Africa’s most iconic species is down to many factors including deforestation, poaching and illegal hunting activities. It is because of this that the conservation of these animals has never been more prevalent than it is now!

Volunteering in Africa is a great way for you to make a lasting impact on the conservation of Africa’s wildlife. You will explore and see all that your chosen location has to offer, join exciting activities and meet like-minded people with whom you may become life-long friends.


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