Turtle Conservation Holidays

Turtle conservation holidays are some of the most popular trips that we offer at The Great Projects. This comes at no surprise though, as the projects we offer have decade’s long track records of protecting and conserving turtle populations, and you have the opportunity to encounter these fascinating and beautiful animals in their natural habitat. If that's not enough,  you also get to visit some of the most beautiful places in the world, such as the Kosgoda region of Sri Lanka, or the white sandy beaches of Costa Rica. Plus as an added bonus you get to meet fantastic people who are just as passionate about turtle conservation as you are!

You can jet off on a turtle conservation holiday in a variety of places, it all depends on which destination takes your fancy. As already mentioned, you can encounter these adorable marine animals in Sri Lanka and the Americas, but also in an island paradise too such as the Perhentians. Get in touch today to find out where you could go on your next turtle conservation holiday!

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Turtles at a Glance

Varies Dependent On Species
Oceans All Around The World

How Endangered Are Turtles

Sea turtles may be found in all of the world's oceans, but this vast habitat does not reflect the size of their population accurately. The number of sea turtles in the wild varies drastically from species to species, but the most endangered of all is the Kemp Ridley.

Researchers have found it difficult to get an accurate figure for the number of sea turtles that are remaining in the wild due to their elusive nature and the sheer number of young turtles that never actually make it through to adulthood.

One thing is clear though, and that is that all 7 species need our help if they are to survive and thrive.

Threats Turtles Are Facing

Even though they have one of the most famed protective shells in the entire animal kingdom, turtles are relatively defenceless to the actions of humans. Some of the issues most affecting sea turtles are:

  • Climate Change - sea turtles are very sensitive to even the smallest changes in water temperature, and with ocean climates on the rise, this poses a concern for the turtle species.
  • Bycatch - every year hundreds of thousands of sea turtles are fatally caught in nets intended for other animals.
  • Overharvesting - there is still a huge demand for turtle egg soup, and as a result, thousands of hatchlings are killed to fuel the trade.
Fast Facts
  • Many people do not realise just how big sea turtles can get, and the largest of all 7 species, the leatherback can weigh up to 750 kilograms!
  • Mother sea turtles are known to travel over 1,400 miles to return to the beach they were born at to lay their eggs. 
  • The temperature of the sand where turtles nest can affect the sex of the baby turtle. Higher temperatures normally produce females, and lower temperatures males!
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