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Become a shark conservation volunteer with The Great Projects, and come face to face with the ocean's most feared and revered predator.

Starting with our project in South Africa, the Great White Shark is one of the planet's most formidable predators. At up to six metres in length at their largest and over 2000 kilograms at their heaviest; it's easy to see why people are intimidated. Many media publications or films (Spielberg's 'Jaws' for example) have run with this pre-disposition - it's no wonder, then, that sharks sit at the top of many people's 'most feared' lists. A shame, as in reality, Great Whites rarely attack humans.

It's important to note that for every human killed by a shark (on which the average figure is 12 per annum); around 8.5 million sharks are killed in the same time span. Shockingly, it is estimated that 100 million sharks are killed every year – victims of the shark fin trade, longline fishing nets, shark protection nets and trophy hunting.

You can encounter sharks such as the mighty Great White, the curious whale shark, right through to blacktip reef sharks bamboo sharks! You will help to collect data on their composition and understand how the marine ecosystems work, all which will help us to understand how to manage their oceanic habitat in the most sustainable way. Sharks face threats from ocean pollution and overfishing which puts huge pressure on the reefs and seagrass beds they call home.

What better way to help shark research and ultimately conserve these magnificent fish than on a fantastic shark conservation project! As a volunteer for shark conservation, you will make a lasting impact on the efforts for forging a future for these predators, and no matter which of our shark conservation projects you choose, it will be an experience you will never forget.

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Sharks At A Glance

Dependent On Species
Varies Across Species - Around 3,200 Great Whites Remain
In Waters All Around The Globe

How Endangered Are Sharks

Shark numbers are decreasing, and with numbers already being so low this has the potential to tip the scales, some species could soon become extinct.

Due to the vastness of the world’s oceans, it is difficult to get a firm grasp on shark numbers, but what we do know is that unless a change is made soon, numbers will continue to fall until the point where a reverse is simply impossible. We need to act now to ensure these beasts are still here for generations to come, and working with sharks is just one way to help.

Threats Sharks Are Facing

You will not be surprised to hear that the biggest threat to the shark population is man, and some of the most prominent issues they are facing are:

  • Finning – this barbaric process involves catching the shark and removing its fin whilst it is still alive before throwing it back into the sea. The shark will most likely suffer agonisingly before it eventually dies.
  • Bycatch – Attracted by the mass of prey, sharks are often killed when they are caught up in the nets of commercial fishing operations, and this is referred to as bycatch as they are not the intended target of the nets.
Fast Facts
  • Sharks kill 12 people per year, while people kill 11,417 sharks per hour.
  • Sharks can grow a new set of teeth in 8 days!
  • You are more likely to die from a falling coconut than from a shark attack.
  • Bamboo sharks are also commonly known as carpet sharks because of the way they glide along the ocean floor.
  • It is said that some whale sharks can live to be over 100 years old! 
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