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If you are interested in marine wildlife and conservation, and you want an experience that is truly unique and memorable, you should consider going on one of the many diving volunteering projects available here at The Great Projects. Opportunities exist across the world in stunning locations from Indonesia to Mozambique. You will be making a lasting impact on marine conservation,  plus you will encounter amazing marine animals! You will also have the chance to meet fantastic new people including professional conservationists, marine biologists, and like-minded volunteers.

The work involved with our diving projects is truly fascinating. You have the opportunity to gain your first dive qualification or further your level of certification if you are already qualified, and once that is done, you will be helping to monitor all manner of marine species from manta rays and bamboo sharks, to coral reefs and seagrass beds! By joining a dive conservation project you will be helping to conduct research and more which all contributes to the preservation of Earth's stunning aquatic wildlife and their ocean habitat. These efforts are needed now more than ever, so what are you waiting for? Take a look at our diving volunteer projects today!

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Marine Wildlife At A Glance

Dependent On Species
Dependent On Species
Oceans All Around The World

How Endangered Are Marine Animals

The exact status of marine life as an umbrella species is impossible to calculate due to the sheer amount of animals that fall beneath this category. However, that being said there are some animals which are struggling more than most - these include the vaquita, possibly the most elusive marine animal known with around just 30 of these creatures swimming the world's oceans, species of sea lion, as well as blue, fin and sei whales.  It is not just the larger species which are in danger in the waters around the world though, marine plant life is one of Earth's ecosystems crucial components, and many species of coral, plankton and seagrass are also on the brink of extinction. The disappearance of any of these species would have a disastrous impact on humans, animals, and oceans alike. By joining a dive volunteer project, you stand a chance of conducting vital research to help us better understand the state of the world's oceans and how to help. 

Threats Marine Wildlife Are Facing

Unfortunately, caring for the world's oceans seems to have been placed on the back burner by many authorities across the globe. But the ocean faces many issues which humans cannot avoid, such as:

  • Pollution – litter is a major problem for the oceans, and just because you may not throw litter into the sea, it doesn't mean it won't make its way there. Plastic bags, straws and microbeads are just some of the items that cause huge hazards to marine life. 
  • Overfishing – As the human population grows, so does the demand for fish and the marine ecosystem is suffering as a result. Additionally, inexcusable practices such as whale hunting still occur in some countries today, which also poses a huge threat to some marine populations. 
Fast Facts
  • Jellyfish have been lived on Earth for more than 650 million years, which means that they outdate both dinosaurs and sharks! 
  • On average, around 8 million tons of litter ends up in our oceans every year. It is estimated by 2025 this amount will have doubled. 
  • Marine plants produce 70% of the oxygen in the atmosphere (which, of course, humans use to breath!) as a by-product of photosynthesis. 
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