The Special Offer Projects - What Do They Want To Achieve?

The Special Offer Projects - What Do They Want To Achieve?

Posted by Connor Whelan on Mar 7, 2017

You may have already seen that this month we have three very different yet equally amazing volunteering projects on special offer. The Great Orangutan and Pygmy Elephant Project, The Great Gorilla Project, and The Great White Shark Project all give you the chance to work with some of the worlds most endangered animals in some incredible locations, but what exactly is the end goal of each of the projects?

This is something we wanted to look into a little further, and in today’s blog we will be looking into what the work you put in on these projects goes towards, and what the teams at the individual projects are hoping to achieve in the long run.

The Great Orangutan And Pygmy Elephant Project

Pygmy Elephants

On this project volunteers get the chance to work in the incredible Lower Kinabatangan Floodplain Rainforest in Sabah, Borneo, and after spending time in the “Corridor of Life” the hope is that volunteers will have been completely immersed into the natural wonders of this unique habitat and will help the wildlife in the area to thrive. The “Corridor of Life” was created to allow safe passage for all of the animals that call the local forest home. The idea behind it is to create a quite literal corridor through the forest, which will allow the animal residents to roam freely without fear of coming into contact with humans. As a volunteer you will help to extend this corridor and help create a haven for the local wildlife.

Person Volunteering in Borneo

Through the various volunteer activities, the end goal of this project is to work with the local community and students towards mutual conservation efforts. The aim is to raise awareness of responsible living and travelling amongst tourists, the local communities, and students, and to understand the threats to the habitat and the wildlife and to make a personal impact bringing positive change.

The Great Gorilla Project

Gorilla Uganda

The aim of the Great Gorilla project is to raise awareness within the local community, whilst promoting the plight of the mountain gorillas to the wider world. This project utilises the passion and enthusiasm of volunteers to empower the local people with both knowledge and different strategies to live in harmony alongside the great apes.

Uganda Community Work

The hope is that long term, volunteers will be able to help bridge the gap between the locals and the endangered mountain gorillas with which they share a home.

The Great White Shark Project

Great White Shark In South Africa

As the Great White Shark is such a fearsome predator, many people mistakenly think that these beasts of the deep are abundant beneath the waves, but this is where they are wrong.

Great White Shark numbers are low, and without the help of dedicated volunteers these apex predators could disappear from the face of the earth forever.

Volunteering With Great White Sharks

The aim of The Great White Shark Project is to educate people on why it is so essential to conserve this incredible species. The project works with both volunteers and local people to gather data on the sharks, and to help correct the negative misconceptions people have about them and hopefully one day put a stop to the needless slaughter of 100 million sharks annually.

Each of these projects may have slightly differing aims, but the overarching intention behind all of the projects is to put the animals first. Without volunteers help though, these aims may be unattainable, so what are you waiting for? Become a volunteer today and take advantage of all of our special offers!

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