National Look Alike Day - Number 4 Is Practically Identical!
National Look Alike Day - Number 4 Is Practically Identical!

National Look Alike Day - Number 4 Is Practically Identical!

Posted by Ellie Hutchin on 20th Apr 2017 2 mins

Today is National Look Alike Day! Here at The Great Projects we decided to celebrate by talking about our favourite celebrity/animal look alike’s. it has been a popular trend over the last few months, where people have found some scarily similar celebrity/animal doppelgangers, so we wanted to post our top 5. Whilst you may not even see any resemblance, we were all in stitches in the office. However, if you feel you can do better, post your favourite look alike pics in the comments below!

The real question is, who wore it better? The animal or the celebrity?

1. Madonna v Lama

Is it those big eyes, or the wavy locks? Something about these two seems similar...

2. Samuel L. Jackson v Boxer

These guys were definitely related in a past life, how else would they both nail this facial expression?! "you looking at me?"...

3. Pink v Cockatoo

It's always awkward when you turn up to the red carpet and someone has copied your hair style... We think they're both looking good though!

4. Snoop Dogg v Dachshund

These guys could certainly do with a nap... hard life being a D O Double G.

5. Tina Turner v Chow Chow

So much volume on one head! I think these two would make fabulous furry friends...

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