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You have the chance to volunteer with animals in a whole host of incredible locations all around the world on one of our Great Projects or Signature Tours! On these trips you will explore intrepid destinations, make lifelong friendships and of course contribute to integral conservation schemes helping a wide variety of the world’s wildlife.

Whether you dream of working with orangutans deep in the Bornean jungle, engaging in underwater ballet with a giant whale shark, travelling deep into the Peruvian Amazon, tracking desert elephants through the vast and inhospitable Kalahari or helping to release infant turtles into the wild in Sri Lanka - the roster of volunteering opportunities and signature tours offered by The Great Projects will not disappoint!

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Volunteering with animals facilitates the unique combination of travel to some exceptional destinations whilst undertaking credible wildlife conservation work. Volunteer with animals with The Great Projects and you really will have a sustainable impact on some of the planet's most incredible and endangered species, as well as the local communities that live alongside them. All of our volunteer projects are also associated with long term conservation initiatives which ensures that your visit will make a real difference to both the environments you are visiting and the species resident within them.

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Here at The Great Projects, we are thrilled to be able to offer an extensive range of ‘signature’ tours taking in some of the world’s most impressive sites and attractions. These tours work as perfect bolt-ons to our wildlife conservation projects and in keeping with the ethos behind The Great Projects, we have designed all of these tours to be as responsible and environment-friendly as possible, ensuring that your travel will actively help contribute to integral wildlife conservation and local community development initiatives.

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