Working Holidays Abroad For Over 50s

Adventure travel is an exciting prospect, offering the opportunity for tourists to visit unusual destinations around the globe, such as the Bornean rainforest all the way through to distant tropical islands. One of the most popular ways to engage in adventure travel, in recent years, is to take part in a ‘working holiday’ – but did you know that there are working holidays abroad for over 50s?

While the idea of a working holiday may conjure up the image of university-aged adults toiling away in wheat fields, we’re proud to offer something a little better than that – and the door is open for volunteers of all ages!

Over 50s are often overlooked in terms of the adventure travel market, but a willingness to aid conservation efforts may have had you wondering how you could help. Look no further than right here at The Great Projects: over the last few years, we’ve seen how much our 50+ volunteers have contributed to the success of projects across Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas, helping to rehabilitate a number of threatened species or even working towards marine research efforts. Age doesn’t have to be a barrier – all we ask is that you have a willingness to get involved, and together we can make a difference to wildlife conservation across the world!

What does volunteering involve?

The question is: how do you want to help? Our projects offer volunteers the chance to get involved with an array of different causes, from animal rehabilitation and release to observing the behaviour of marine life in coastal areas. No matter what your interests, you’re likely to find a project you love right here – our only requirement is that you’re willing to take part alongside your team! A moderate level of fitness is beneficial, but there are often activities suitable for all abilities, meaning all volunteers are equally capable of making a difference to the project’s goals.

What are the average ages of volunteers?

Depending on where you’re looking to volunteer, you may or may not find yourself working alongside volunteers of a similar age. Our orangutan projects, for example, are particularly popular with the 50+ crowd, while a stint at the Namibia Wildlife Sanctuary may see you surrounded by younger volunteers. That said, we can never guarantee the age of participants – and sometimes, our older volunteers are proud to share their pearls of wisdom with the youngsters! Our travel team will be happy to give you an idea of who you might expect to see at the project, based on the age of previous volunteers - but even if you’re the only 50+ member of the group, you’ll be sure to have a fantastic time. After all, each of our volunteers share a common thread – so get to know each other and you’ll have a blast!

What is the accommodation like?

Each project has its own standard of accommodation, ranging from shared dorms to private rooms. We understand that sometimes it’s nice to have your own space (especially when travelling with a partner or as part of a group of friends!), so you may find that it’s possible to upgrade at an additional cost – just speak to our travel team to find out more. Generally speaking, you can read about your chosen project’s accommodation either on the project page itself, or in the project guide – this is a great way to develop your expectations prior to arrival!

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