Wildlife Volunteering Holiday

What does the term ‘wildlife volunteer holiday’ mean to you? If these words conjure up the image of sitting atop a 4x4 and embarking on a game drive in Africa, then you’d be right…but that’s not even the extent of what we can offer you!

By volunteering with The Great Projects, you’ll be able to take your wildlife volunteering holiday to the next level. In addition to enjoying experiences such orangutan observation in the jungle, shark spotting in South Africa, and monkeying about in the Americas, our volunteer projects allow you to take a look ‘behind the scenes’ of the world of conservation. Assist in the day-to-day running of sanctuaries, aid the rehabilitation of in-need animals, or dive in to the protection of coral reefs in globally-significant areas…however you choose to spend your volunteering holiday, you’ll be sure to make a lasting difference.

What is volunteering and why do it?

Volunteering is a recent and rewarding way to make the most out of your annual holiday, and also allows you to contribute to lasting changes in the world of conservation and animal protection. If you’re keen to try something new (or even if you’re a seasoned volunteer with more to give!), our projects are the perfect way to help make a difference. In addition to making a positive impact on wildlife conservation, you will of course be rewarded with amazing memories to last a lifetime – so why not get involved today?

Who is it for and when to go?

Our volunteer experiences are suited to people of all walks of life: young or old, solo or as part of a group (or even as a family!), you’ll be able to find a trip that’s perfect for you right here at The Great Projects. All we ask is that you have a desire to make a difference to wildlife conservation and are also willing to get involved – and that means getting your hands dirty from time to time across an array of activities! Finally, our projects run throughout the year, so why not consider clicking here to see where you could be heading over your chosen dates?

What types of activities are carried out?

You’ll be expected to take part in a range of activities during your time on the project, all the way from enclosure maintenance to the creation of enrichment items for the animals. You might be invited to take part on game drives, reforestation activities or feeding times, or you might be entrusted with tasks such as construction, beach clean-ups and more. No matter what the activity may entail, your efforts will certainly be appreciated and will go some way towards helping your chosen project to achieve their goals – so prepare to roll up your sleeves and get involved!

Free Volunteer Guide

Free Project Guide

Receive a copy of The Great Projects’ Volunteer Guide to learn more about volunteering with wildlife, how taking part in a project can benefit the animals, and what you can expect from your experience.

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