Wildlife Conservation Volunteer Projects

Wildlife Conservation Volunteer Projects

Do you have a passion for wildlife conservation? Whether you watch documentaries on the topic, make annual donations to your favourite cause, or share petitions online in the hopes of making a difference, you might find yourself longing to do something more – so why not consider joining one of our wildlife conservation projects abroad?

The power to change the world lies in the hands of the individual, and what better way to leave your mark than by becoming a wildlife conservation volunteer? In addition to aiding the conservation of orangutans, whale sharks and more during your time on your preferred project, you’ll be offering long-lasting support to the incredible organisations behind them, too: for every volunteer fee paid, a donation is made to your chosen project and will continue to fund its conservation efforts even long after you return home. By volunteering with The Great Projects, you’ll be helping to make a real difference to our planet’s wildlife – so take a look at the projects below and see where your volunteer adventure could take you!

What is volunteering and why do it?

You might be aware of the recent trend of responsible tourism – naturally, volunteering with wildlife falls into that category. But make no mistake: volunteering is not just a passing phase, and it’s important that anybody who takes part in a project has a genuine want to assist animal conservation. While volunteering can be hard – and sometimes emotional – work, it’s certainly one of the most rewarding ways that you could possibly spend your holiday, and our projects promise to be an exciting and memorable alternative to the average ‘week in the sun’! If you’re looking for something a little different but also want to make a positive change in the world, then a volunteer experience could be a fantastic option for you.

Who is it for and when to go?

Anybody with a genuine passion for wildlife and a longing to visit some truly unique destinations would most likely feel very welcome on a volunteer project, and no matter what your age or ability, there is a project perfectly suited for you! Whether you’re a family or a solo traveller, 18 years old or in your 80th year, chances are you’ll feel right at home on one of our volunteer experiences. Our projects run year-round, too, so all you need is spare time – why not check out our project finder to see which projects are available around your chosen dates?

What types of activities are carried out?

Each of our volunteer projects have an array of important activities to be carried out, ranging from the day-to-day running of sanctuaries and food preparation all the way up to enrichment, rescue and release. While there are many exciting things to see and do, it’s vital that you’re willing and able to take on all activities given to you by the project coordinator to help the project succeed in its goals. So whether you’re trekking through the jungle, feeding nourishing food to pandas, or even cleaning out an enclosure, all elements of our projects are to be a part of your experience!

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12 Nights from $3,619.00

Visit the fabled Kanha National Park: home to a stunning array of wildlife, including leopards, wild dogs, and of course the famous Bengal tiger.

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13 Nights from $4,244.00

Enjoy the thrill of Gorilla Trekking on this gorilla conservation project in Uganda

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15 - 71 Nights from $1,869.00

Have a lasting impact on the conservation efforts in the Manu UNESCO Biosphere, one of the most diverse environments on earth.

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13 - 27 Nights from $1,494.00

Help make a difference to Zimbabwe's incredible wildlife and visit the breath-taking Victoria Falls.

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14 - 84 Nights from $1,369.00

Experience hands-on volunteering in Africa in the heart of the beautiful Namibian wilderness!

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7 - 28 Nights from $994.00

Volunteer with orangutans on this award-winning orangutan project at Matang Wildlife Centre in beautiful Borneo!

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12 - 26 Nights from $1,744.00

Work on enrichment for 112 orangutans and 72 sun bears at the world-renowned Samboja Lestari Rescue Centre

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7 - 84 Nights from $869.00

Take part on The Great Turtle Project in Sri Lanka as a volunteer in a turtle sanctuary and have an impact on the conservation of the country's beautiful sea turtles.

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