Volunteering Opportunities For Older Adults

The popularity of volunteering holidays seems to be at an all-time high, but one would be forgiven for thinking that such an experience is permitted for the younger crowd only. Indeed, the ‘poster-child’ for voluntourism is often portrayed as a twenty-something adventurer, taking time out from their studies or between jobs. But what about the older ones amongst us who still long for a wilder sense of travel? Are there any volunteering opportunities for older adults?

The answer is: yes! Here at The Great Projects, we’re proud to offer a number of exciting projects to volunteers of all ages, nationalities and abilities. Whether you’ve always dreamed of witnessing orangutans from deep within the Bornean jungle, or if you want to work with sloths, monkeys and more in Costa Rica, there’s sure to be a project for you. It doesn’t even matter if you’re an unexperienced traveller: as long as you’ve got the heart to get involved, we’ve got a suitable project for you!

What does volunteering involve?

Volunteering opportunities open the world up to kind-hearted travellers, taking you on adventures across the globe in a quest to make a difference to a specific cause. So if you’ve had a long-held dream of visiting the Amazon, you might want to aid wildlife conservation in Manu National Park. Interested in marine life? No problem – there’s a range of water-based projects waiting for you, from whale and shark observation to diving expeditions. Our project finder makes it very simple for you to find your perfect project (just enter your group size, dates and animal preferences) – all we ask on each of our projects is that you’re willing to get your hands dirty! (Please note: a moderate fitness level is preferred, but there are activities across a range of abilities – just speak up if you need to take a breather!)

What are the average ages of volunteers?

The average age of volunteers really does vary from project to project: our orangutan projects, for example, are very popular with the 40+ crowd, but if there’s a particular cause you’re passionate about, there’s no reason to hesitate in getting involved: we’ve seen octogenarians work brilliantly alongside their 20-something counterparts, and a shared passion for the cause may help to create some unexpected bonds! If you’re still interested in finding out more about the average age of volunteers on any given project, please speak to our travel team – while they cannot guarantee the age of participants on your chosen start date, they may still be able to offer a little guidance.

What is the accommodation like?

Accommodation will vary depending on the project you wish to join, but it is possible that an upgrade could be available at an added cost. Our Sloth Conservation and Wildlife Experience in Costa Rica, for example, offers dorm rooms and private cottages respectively (the latter incurs a fee and is subject to availability) – if you’d like a little more privacy, or even if you’re travelling with a partner or friends, an option like this one might be preferable. You can learn about each project’s accommodation by reading its respective project guide, but if you have any further questions our team will be happy to assist!

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