Voluntary Work Abroad For Over 60s

Who said that voluntourism was just a trend, let alone one for the younger generation? Here at The Great Projects, we believe that anybody can make a difference – which is why we’re proud to offer voluntary work abroad for over 60s. While each of our projects are suitable for people of all walks of life, we understand that those over 60 can be a little reluctant to get involved. Luckily, we’ve had plenty of hard-working volunteers take part on a number of projects, paving the way for the rest of you – would you believe that we’ve sent 75-year-olds out in search of elephants in Sri Lanka, or that octogenarians would be frequent visitors of our orangutan projects? We’ve even seen 63-year-olds dive off the coast of a distant island paradise – proving that you’re never ‘too old’ to seek adventure, or to make your mark on the world.

If you’re somebody who is itching to get away on a holiday unlike any other, consider taking part in one of our volunteer projects. You’ll be helping to make a real difference to organisations in desperate need to assistance, and you’ll also be aiding the conservation -and survival - of threatened wildlife species. What better way to travel is there than this?

What does volunteering involve?

In this instance, voluntary work allows well-meaning travellers to visit new destinations across the globe in search of adventure, whilst also making a difference to a cause that they’re passionate about. The kinds of activities you’ll be involved in may vary all the way from observation tasks and enrichment all the way to enclosure cleaning and maintenance – it really can be a mixed bag, but each activity is just as important as the next! A moderate level of health would be beneficial when participating, but there are an array of tasks which you can be assigned to if needed. In short: your volunteering holiday will require a little work, but so long as you’re heart’s in it, you’ll have a fantastic time!

What are the average ages of volunteers?

As mentioned previously, our projects have seen participation from volunteers of all ages – from 18 to 30, 60 and above…kind-hearted individuals from all walks of life and with all kinds of experience have contributed equally, and that’s what’s important! You may find that certain animals attract the assistance of older volunteers (our orangutan projects, in particular, are very popular with the 40+ crowd!), but if there’s a specific cause you’re passionate about, you should not let age deter you. If you’d like to know more about the average age of volunteers on a specific project, our travel team may be able to advise, but please bear in mind that we cannot guarantee the ages of all participants during your time of travel!

What is the accommodation like?

Your accommodation may vary depending on the project you choose to join; for example, some projects provide shared dorms, while others offer the potential to upgrade to a private room or cottage at an additional cost. You can read more about your chosen project’s accommodation by checking out its respective project page, or by requesting a project guide from a member of our travel team. Voluntary work overseas for over 60s doesn't have to be an uncomfortable concept, and we hope we can make your experience as enjoyable as possible!

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