Kuhmo Husky Safari and Winter Wildlife Tour

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Experience snow covered Finland, go husky sledding, and discover wolves and wolverines in their natural habitat.

From £1,895.00

  • Up to 2 Persons
  • All Meals Included
  • 7 Nights
  • Bears
  • January to March
  • Minimun Age 16

Tour Details


Tour Highlights

  • Three days husky sledding with wildlife monitoring tasks
  • Staying in your own private wildlife cabin
  • Seeing Finland at its best in the winter light.

This tour is absolutely jam-packed with activities that you won't have the chance to do in many other places in the world. You will track wolves, travel by husky pulled sled, have your own private wilderness cabin, and see the local wildlife in its natural habitat! With a small private library on offer there is also the chance to learn more about the local area and animals so you will be the expert when you head out on the trails. If all of this sounds tiring then you will have the perfect chance to relax when you pay a visit to the traditional Finnish sauna at the end of your day!

Itinerary (Day 1)

Day 1: Arrive in Finland

On day one, you will arrive at Kajaani airport via Helsinki. From Kajaani, you will be transferred (roughly an hour and a half) to Hotel Kalevala in Kuhmo. Once you have checked in to the hotel, you will be shown to your room and then to the hotel’s restaurant, where dinner will be provided. Then it’s off to bed to rest for tomorrow's activities!

Itinerary (Day 2)

Day 2: A Day in the Wilderness

After breakfast, you will swap your clothes for some warmer ones (included in the project cost) before you head out for a day in the wilderness. You will be picked up by car and taken to a location where animals are known to have been over the last few days. With your guide, you will begin to track animals including wolves, wild forest reindeer, and wolverines. You’ll head deeper into the forest via snowmobile sledge and snowshoe to really explore the wildlife of the area. Lunch is served around an open fire and later in the afternoon, you will return to the hotel for dinner and some sleep.

Itinerary (Day 3)

Day 3: Predators from Hides

This morning, you will make the short 500-metre journey from the hotel to the Petola Wildlife Centre. Your guide will meet you here and you will have the chance to learn more about the wildlife that lives in the area. After that, it’s time to move on to the Boreal Wildlife Centre near the Russian border, where you will also spend the night. It is here that you will have the chance to spend some time in the hides, looking out for the predators of the region. The hides are the perfect place to get some pictures of wolves, wolverines and eagles in their natural habitats, and the food that is put out for them will only entice them closer! After you have seen the animals eating their lunch, you will have time to eat your own, and once night falls, dinner will be served back at the centre. You have another chance here to pay a visit to the sauna before sleeping in your room at the Wildlife Centre.

Itinerary (Day 4)

Day 4: Relaxing

In the morning, you will have breakfast and say goodbye to the Wildlife Centre. Today is all about relaxing, and after you are taken back to the hotel, you will have the day at leisure. You can go and explore Kuhmo, the local village, or simply stay in the hotel and relax in the sauna - the choice is yours. You will have to make your own arrangements for lunch today, but dinner will be served in the hotel restaurant.

Itinerary (Day 5)

Day 5: Wildlife Husky Tour

Today is the beginning of one of the most exciting parts of the trip, as after breakfast you will be heading out on your first husky sled trip! You will be making your way to the lakeside cabin in which you will be staying for two nights, but on the way, you will be monitoring and tracking wildlife in the area. You will travel through both forests and peatlands on your amazing journey through the snowy taiga, pulling over to closer inspect the animal tracks if necessary. In the evening, you will arrive at the cabin and help to look after the dogs before enjoying a tasty dinner and a traditional wood-heated sauna.
Later in the evening, if the weather allows, you will head down to the lake to see a cloudless sky full of stars, as well as satellites, and maybe even the Northern Lights!

Please note that the locations on this tour are found 64 degrees North, and the best chance to see the Northern Lights occurs at around 70 degrees North. It is also worth noting that the current cycle of solar magnetic activity, which usually lasts around 11 years, peaked in 2014, so the coming years are set for poorer viewing of the Aurora Borealis.

Itinerary (Day 6)

Day 6: Deeper into the Wilderness

Today begins with another husky-led sled journey, but this time you'll follow a private trail, heading towards the Pahavaara Nature Protection Area. There are many species of animal along this path, including the flying squirrel, wild forest reindeer, and wolves. On your journey through the trail, you may have the chance to stop off and help maintain the habitats of some of the bird species who live in the area. After a long day of exploring, you will head back to the cabin and relax with a meal and a visit to the sauna, or perhaps you can read a book from the small on-site library! After the huskies have been fed they begin to sing, and if there is a wolf pack in the area, the dogs will try and speak to their distant cousins, making for an incredible link between the today's evolved dogs and their ancestors.

Itinerary (Day 7)

Day 7: One last Husky Ride

This morning you will say goodbye to the cabin, as you gear up for one last sled ride with the huskies back to your hotel. The dogs will lead you back to the exact spot you left two days ago, and it will be here that you have to bid farewell to your canine companions. You can spend the remainder of the day further exploring the local area or simply relaxing at the hotel. Another delicious meal and sauna will prepare you for your onward journey tomorrow!

Itinerary (Day 8)

Day 8: Onward Journey

After breakfast, it is time to leave the hotel and you will be transported back to Kajaani airport to begin your journey home or onward travels.


Tour Comfort: Comfortable

This tour has been categorised as Comfortable. This is based on the modes of transport used whilst on the tour, the comfort level of accommodation and any modern facilities that they have to offer. In terms of comparison, this level of travel would be similar to that of a 3 star status.

Hotel Kavlevala

Day 1,2,4 & 7:
This lakeside hotel is the perfect place to rest after a long day of exploring. The hotel is set against stunning forests and has everything you need to relax, including free wifi, saunas, a jacuzzi, and an on-site restaurant. The room will be a superior double which is spacious, clean, and perfect as a base from which to explore.

Boreal Wildlife Center

Day 3:
After a day of photographing the predators from the animal hide, you will be staying at the wildlife centre. The accommodation at the centre is basic, but provides you with the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the wildlife and surrounding area. Your twin room will have all of the basic amenities, and it is an incredibly picturesque place to stay the night!

Wildlife Cabin

Day 5 & 6:
With nobody else within miles of you, this cabin is set in an incredibly idyllic location. You will have your own double/twin room with its own fireplace, and you may even want to sit by the lake to watch the night roll in. The cabin has all of the modern comforts you could possibly need to make your two-night stay as relaxing as possible, such as central heating, running water, wifi, and a sauna.

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Tour Details


You will need to fly into Helsinki airport before making your way to Kajaani airport via internal transfer. Once you have arrived at Kajaani, you will then get a taxi transfer to Hotel Kalevala to begin your trip.

If you would like help booking your flights, please visit our flights page and fill out the form. A member of our team will get back in touch as soon as possible with a suitable quote.


There is no visa required for most nationalities to enter Finland. Check the Finnish Immigration Websitefor detailed information.


Meals are done on a full-board basis (barring lunch on day 4) so you will receive breakfast, lunch and dinner from dinner on day 1, to breakfast on day 8. Your meals will consist of traditional Finnish delicacies including fish, berries and game meat. Vegetarians can be catered for if we are informed in advance. Beverages are not included.


This tour caters to any level of fitness and no specific skills are needed.


The Finnish currency is the Euro. The conversion rate is around 1 EUR to 0.8 GBP and 1.3 USD. For up-to-date conversion information click here.

What's included in the price of the Tour?
  • Internal transfers from Kajaani airport to the hotel and back again as well as all other transfers needed during the tour
  • Accommodation: 4 nights in the hotel, 1 night in the Boreal Wildlife Center, and 2 nights in a wilderness cabin
  • 4/5 hour trip into the wilderness on snowmobile sledges
  • 3 days husky sledding with wildlife monitoring
  • Full-board meals
  • English speaking guides
  • Winter Clothing/Towels
What's not included?
  • Flights
  • Beverages
  • Travel insurance
  • Spending money and any additional activities not on the itinerary.

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