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If you refer a friend and they book a project with us, you will both receive $65 off your next respective projects!

Bulk Buyer

If you book multiple projects with us at once you will get a discount off your grand total!
Book 2 Trips = $150 off
Book 3 Trips = $210 off
Book 4 Trips = $270 off


As an alpha you have reached the top of the tree. You've been around the block (or the world) a few times and travelling is second nature to you. If David Attenborough is looking for travel tips then you are the person he goes to. As a thank you for being such a frequent explorer, we are going to give you $210 off your 5th, 6th, 7th and any further projects! All we ask in return is a quick blog post about your experiences and a review on our website! Well worth a few hundred words!


As a Beta you have your eyes firmly on the prize and you've put in a lot of work to get this far. Write up one blog post and a quick review and your only one step away from reaching the top of the tree. To help you get there we will give you $180 off your 4th project. We all want to be the Alpha leader of the pack, and now you're only one adventure from reaching the highest level possible, so grab that map and get exploring!


You've been well and truly bitten by the travel bug and two projects have really whetted your appetite for adventure. To help make your step up from Gamma to Beta we are offering you $150 off of your next project, so the only things left to do are write us a review and then plan where in the world you want to go!


Your amazing adventures with us are only just beginning, but don't worry, we all have to start some where! As an Omega you've just returned from your first project with us and you're on the lookout for your next big escapade. To help you with this all you need to do is review your project online and we will give you $120 off your next journey with us!