Orangutan Holidays

Orangutan holidays may not be at the forefront of most people’s ideas when planning their next adventure, but these unique and unforgettable trips can be a life-changing experience for many. The orangutan is in danger of going extinct and something must be done to stop this horrific thought becoming a reality. By choosing an orangutan holiday for your next trip abroad, you can be part of the solution to this ongoing problem. 

Borneo, home to these Great Apes, is one of the most spectacular destinations on Earth and if you choose to volunteer in this amazing country you will get to enjoy some of the best sights and sounds in the world! Borneo is home to everything from the luscious, verdant rainforests in which the orangutans live, right through to the crystal clear waters that surround this island paradise. One thing is certain, and that is that you will never forget your first experience of an orangutan holiday with The Great Projects!

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Orangutans At A Glance

Critically Endangered
Less than 100,000
Borneo and Sumatra

How Endangered Are Orangutans?

100 years ago, orangutan numbers remained steady at a healthy 230,000 individuals, but since then these Great Apes have suffered a huge decline in their population.

Today numbers are just over 60,000 with the three different species of orangutan both in desperate need of help. Bornean orangutans number roughly just over 54,000, their Sumatran relatives number at a meagre 6,000 and their newly discovered Tapanuli cousins estimate at just 800 individuals. This is a clear indication that something needs to change quickly if we want to ensure these beautiful animals are around for generations to come.

An orangutan holiday may not have been something you’d thought of previously, but they certainly go a long way in helping to protect the apes.

Threats Orangutans Are Facing

The threats orangutans are facing put a sustained amount of pressure on the apes. The threats are:

  • Habitat Loss – the Bornean rainforest, home to the orangutans, is being lost at an alarming rate to make way for palm oil plantations. This puts increasing pressure on the orangutans as there is more competition for food and nesting locations, and as a result, orangutans are dying.
  • The Illegal Pet Trade – young orangutans are ripped away from their mothers and taken to become pets in Borneo itself and on occasion worldwide. Once an orangutan has been taken away from its mother it will never learn the skills required to survive in the wild and will, consequently be unable to be released back into the wild.
  • Forest Fires – farmers in Borneo use the slash and burn technique, and this often results in forest fires that soon get out of control. Orangutans and other animals can get caught up in the flames or simply lose their homes as a result of these fires.
Fast Facts
  • It is believed that humans shared a common ancestor with the Great Apes around 12-15 million years ago!
  • Orangutans share lots of things with humans, but one of the most uncanny similarities is that they have 32 teeth, the same number present in humans!
  • Orangutans are deep and methodical thinkers and will take their time when approaching potentially complicated tasks. A good example is when the Great Apes witnessed local villagers untie a boat and take it downstream. Later, once the boat was tied up by the villagers, the orangutans decided to copy what they had earlier seen and take the boat for a ride!
  • The word 'orangutan' literally translates into 'man of the forest' - a very fitting name for a species which shares over 95% of our DNA!
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