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Few destinations on earth can compare to Mozambique. One of Africa's hidden gems, Mozambique is a must for any keen travellers out there wanting to experience a different Africa. You won't find any big game drives or tour guides here: this is off-the-beaten-track and beach-bum travelling at its best. Just a short two hour hop over from South Africa's Kruger National Park lays its capital, Maputo. A cultural and vibrant haven, the city is bursting with Portuguese architecture from its colonial rule: no wonder then that it is often called Africa's 'most beautiful' city. It is a melting pot of different cultures, with elements of Arab, Indian, and Chinese amongst the chief Portuguese and Bantu influences.

But Mozambique's principal draw card is its beaches and below-water action. A favourite amongst South African holiday makers and divers (in the know) worldwide, sunny Tofo, where this project is located, is remarkable in that it practically guarantees you the opportunity to see a rare whale shark or a manta ray. Perched on a headland which merges with 'whale shark highway,' Tofo is a diver's dream. The underwater life is extraordinary, with breaching humpbacks and leatherback turtles, so rare elsewhere in the world, a common sight just metres from the shoreline. If you ever can be tempted to leave, then the vast north of Mozambique and neighbouring Zimbabwe lie in wait, just a short ferry ride away from the nearby Inhambame town. However, you may be staying in Tofo for longer than you think: it is hard to resist its charm.

Mozambique truly is a magical place, and this article on Tofo has barely scratched the surface on its attributes. Thankfully for us intrepid travellers, the country's scarred reputation from the decade-long civil war has marred people's opinions of it. However, times are changing and the country is beginning to hit the tourist radar. Get there before everyone else finds it!

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Mozambique’s main attraction is the huge amount of wildlife which can be found beneath the waves of its picturesque coastline. Tofo is one of the most raw and special underwater environments on the planet, and the sheer amount of marine based wildlife will take your breath away. Animals you may be able to see under the sea include:

  • Manta Rays
  • Whale Sharks
  • Humpback Whales
  • Marine Turtles
  • A Variety Of Tropical Fish
  • Hammerhead Sharks

It is not just the wildlife under the water that Mozambique has to offer though. On dry land the country has 232 species of mammals and 740 species of bird, so you don’t need your sea legs to spot some animal life! Mozambique is home to some of the world’s most famous animals including the elephant, Leopard and Cheetah, so we recommend taking a lot of film in your camera to capture all of the animals!


Mozambique’s culture is largely derived from its history of Bantu, Swahili, and Portuguese rule, but since it gained independence in 1975 the cultural element of the country has really begun to expand. With influences from Europe, Asia, and the historic inhabitants of Mozambique themselves, the country is a melting pot of music, food, architecture and traditions. Some of the most important elements of Mozambican culture include:

  • The traditional arts and crafts which include the renowned Makonde and their wood carving and elaborate masks.
  • Rich and vibrant foods including spicy stews and plenty of fish.
  • Skilfully crated dance which is often ritualistic in nature. The Chopi tribe for instance act out battles dressed in animal skins, and the men of the Makua dance in colourful outfits whilst balancing on stilts!

Mozambique is a country which will supply you with a rich and varied cultural experience, so if we were you we would start practising your stilt dancing now!

Popular Destinations

With plenty of options for places to go to on both land and sea, Mozambique provides the intrepid traveller with a lot of options for exploration. It does not matter what your preference is, you will be able to find locations to keep you amused for days at a time in this African Paradise including :

  • Tofo – This beach has been described as a small piece of paradise on Earth and when you visit you can see why!
  • Two Mile Reef – We told you the marine life around Mozambique was incredible and this is reflected in another stunning beach area!
  • Fort Sao Sebastian – This remnant from the Portuguese colonial times in the country is a fascinating landmark for any history buff.

You’ll have a lot to do over in Mozambique, but just remember to bring your flippers as well as your walking boots!

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