Volunteer in Malawi

Renowned as being the 'Warm Heart of Africa', Malawi is a must on any trip to the continent. Often bypassed by travellers in favour of its better known neighbours Zambia and Tanzania, Malawi is now thankfully begin to gain in popularity. No wonder – it was recently voted as one of the world's friendliest nations.

Perhaps the biggest attraction here lies in the stunning Lake Malawi. Also known as the 'lake of stars', this lake offers crystal clear waters, a wide array of flora and fauna (including a myriad of tropical fish more akin to a coral reef) and charming beachside locations.

What's more, with its rich cultural and historical heritage, incredible landscapes, vibrant music and more than welcoming people – Malawi is a must for any traveller visiting the region.

What better way then of immersing yourself into its charm than by volunteering at the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre? Not only will you get to be able to assist with wide variety of wildlife species, but you will also get to experience the people and culture of Lilongwe – one of the 'happiest cities on earth'.

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