World Mosquito Day 2017 - Our Tips To Avoid The Pests When Travelling
World Mosquito Day 2017 - Our Tips To Avoid The Pests When Travelling

World Mosquito Day 2017 - Our Tips To Avoid The Pests When Travelling

Posted by Connor Whelan on 20th Aug 2017 3 mins

World Mosquito Day may not be one of the most glamorous entries into the animal calendar but it is one of the most important. Everybody knows the problems that these flying insects can cause, and that is why it is important to talk about them!


World Mosquito Day has origins which can be traced back to the 19th century when the British doctor Sir Ronald Ross discovered that female mosquito are able to transmit malaria between humans. His discovery led him to announce that August the 20th should be known as World Mosquito Day, and it has remained that way until now!

Today on World Mosquito Day we wanted to take a look at the best ways to protect yourself against mosquito and the various diseases they can carry, and celebrate the work of doctor Ross! So, without further ado, here are our top tips to help you stay safe from a mosquito bite.

Long-sleeved clothing

Long Sleeve Clothes

Not this may not sound like advice you want to take when you consider the extreme heat of the African sun, but nowadays you can purchase long sleeved shirts that are made of incredibly lightweight and breathable material. The more of your skin you cover, the less there is available for the mosquito to bite, so bear this in mind when you are shopping for your trip.

Mosquito Repellent


This is always something which is extremely handy to have with you if you are going into a mosquito zone. You can buy mosquito repellent from a wide variety of shops, and it comes in an assortment of different strengths. The most potent and powerful mosquito sprays contain DEET, which is a special chemical that the mosquito can’t stand. We recommend spraying the repellent on your clothes as opposed to your skin, as when it is on the later it can sweat off and it won’t work!

Anti-Malarial Tablets

Here at The Great Projects we are not medically trained to advise our volunteers on vaccinations and tablets, but we do highly recommend talking to your GP or a travel nurse as to which, if any, anti-malarials you will need to take with you on your trip.

Mosquito Nets

Mosquito Net

Depending on which project site you are staying at, you may need to get a mosquito net to sit over your bed. You are at your most vulnerable to mosquito bites when you are asleep as you are not able to swat the pests away, but by purchasing a mosquito net you will be protected overnight!

There would be nothing worse than feeling a nip on your arm whilst out on your dream volunteering trip, so make sure that you stock up on the equipment to prevent the nasty mosquito from making you its next target before you travel!

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