Wildlife Photography Competition - The Top 3!
Wildlife Photography Competition - The Top 3!

Wildlife Photography Competition - The Top 3!

Posted by Connor Whelan on 14th Sep 2015 3 mins

We are delighted to be able to announce the top three entries from our Wildlife Photography competition! We had some amazing entries sent in, but there could only be one winner and thankfully it wasn't down to use to choose! Our guest judge, Wildlife Photographer Craig Jones had the unenviable task of looking through the entries and picking out the top three. Here are his choices and what he had to say about the photo's in question:

Third Place - Tearaway Turtle (Taken by Nacho Boodbee)

"A young Green Turtle minutes after it breaks through its egg, makes its way to the sea to starts its journey to adulthood. I loved this image because of the composition, showing the sea and the beach, and being low down you got a real sense of its world and viewpoint. A wonderful image that tells a story. Well done. "

Second Place - Rhino Reflection (Taken by Richard Garnett)

"A Rhino drinks from a small pool in the dead of the night. The light from this jeep revealing this very personal and private moment. I loved the composition to this image and the reflection adds a great deal. It gives you a sense of real calm when you look at this photograph and a wonderful moment captured. Well done."

The Winner! - Gazing Gorilla (Taken by Becky Cooknell)

"When a human meets a wild animal for the first time it's very special and you always have a few seconds where both sides find themselves looking at each other. I call this moment “First contact”. This photograph captures that moment perfectly. A wonderful, enduring image where the photographer has captured the Gorilla spirit here, you find yourself looking deep into the eyes of this amazing animal wondering what they are thinking and if they have seen themselves in the photographer’s camera lens. The slight hand gesture lets you know they are relaxed while they play with their lips looking right at you.

Being level with the gorilla gives a real personal view, as the catch light brings the eyes to life. A wonderful and very special moment captured and for me a clear and worthy winner, well done."

I'm sure we can all agree that Becky is a very deserving winner as it is an incredible photo. Thank you to everyone who sent a photo in and helped us to show just how diverse and vibrant the wildlife we share the Earth with really is!

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