Wild Dogs of Zululand
Wild Dogs of Zululand

Wild Dogs of Zululand

Zululand Wildlife Conservation Project

Zululand Wildlife Conservation Project

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Assist in vital conservation efforts in South Africa, working to protect the iconic ‘Big 5’ and other priority endangered species.

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Posted by Sam Hopkins on 20th Jan 2015 3 mins

We always love to hear news from our projects, and this month we have been fortunate to hear from the 'Zululand Wilderness Conservation Project'. Last month a group of wild dogs were released into the Zululand Rhino Reserve, and we have received some fantastic photos from the release! Have a look below at the photos and the accompanying blog by the reserve's wildlife monitor - Zoe Luhdo.

"It all started at 1am on the 23rd of December 2014, a journey which marked a historical moment for the Zululand Rhino Reserve (ZRR). The car was packed and ready as myself and the assistant reserve manager, Drew Pollard, started the long drive to Ladysmith to collect our first wild dog pack. On arrival we joined the vet and the excitement began.

The wild dogs, two males from Zimanga Private Game Reserve and four females from Madikwe Game Reserve, were darted, collared and placed in wooden travel crates, with air vents. The rush continued as we raced back to ZRR. Unfortunately, it was a hot day and we had to stop frequently to cool the wild dogs down by pouring water into the crates and over their bodies. On arrival at ZRR we were met by very excited members of ZRR (managers, guides etc).

The crates were quickly offloaded into the boma, where they will be kept for the next couple of months. A boma is a special holding pen where animals are kept for various reasons such as bonding of a pack of wild dogs, monitoring for injuries and habituation to the surrounding area. We were in a hurry to let the dogs out and once the gate had been closed behind us, we released them.

It was fantastic to see them bolt out of those crates, eager to stretch their legs, greet their pack members and explore their new surroundings. The wild dogs are soon to be released onto ZRR where we all wait in anticipation to see what they will get up to and where on the reserve they will go".

Zoe updated us with news of how the wild dogs were getting on, and it sounds like they are getting on well! Have a read of her update below. We can't wait to hear more about in the near future!

"The new Wild Dog pack on ZRR is doing well in the boma where management plans on holding them for 3-6 weeks. The pack are being closely monitored twice a day by myself and the conservation volunteers and have become very relaxed around the Wildlife ACT vehicle and volunteers. They are fed an adult impala every three days, not that you need to keep track as by the end of day two they are eagerly smelling the vehicle hoping for food.

We are all waiting in anticipation to see what they will get up to when they are released and can only imagine how they will feel being able to hunt for themselves as a pack".

If you would like to join this fantastic volunteer project in South Africa and see these wild dogs for yourself in the flesh, then please don't hesitate to 'Enquire or Book Now' via our website here.

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