Volunteering In Malaysia!

Volunteering In Malaysia!

Posted by Connor Whelan on Jun 20, 2016

The nation of Malaysia is one of the most stunning locations on the planet, filled with rich rainforests, diverse flora and fauna, epic hikes, fascinating indigenous cultures, and a wealth of opportunities for personal growth. The nation welcomes visitors and volunteers from all over the world who want to experience both the beauty and the fragility of this precious island nation. Volunteering in Malaysia has become a popular route for people to visit this exotic country, while also making a real difference in the world.

Many of the animals and plants in Malaysia are found nowhere else in the world, and due to the unfortunate spread of industry and human populations, these species are under constant threat. While sanctuaries and protected areas do exist in Malaysia, the encroachment of society and the impact of climate change cannot be ignored. Malaysia is particularly famous for its orangutan population, as Borneo and Sumatra are the only places where these animals can still be found in the wild. For this reason, there are a number of orangutan sanctuaries spread across Malaysia and on the island of Borneo itself, and volunteering in Malaysia at such locations is an amazing opportunity. These animals are being threatened by habitat loss, hunted by farmers, and poached for the exotic animal trade, but there are also organisations working to rescue and rehabilitate these incredible apes.

Volunteering in Malaysia is closely tied to caring for and working with orangutans, and with our help getting out into the world has never been so easy. You will have a chance to support the sanctuary's, help feed and clean the animals, care for the young, maintain the habitat and learn more about conservation than you ever dreamt possible! If you’re the type of adventurer who wants to take a truly hands-on approach to their experience of nature, then volunteering at one of these sanctuaries can be hugely rewarding. Why not learn more about volunteering in Malaysia?

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