View The Most Recent Images From Samboja - Beware Of Cuteness Overload!
View The Most Recent Images From Samboja - Beware Of Cuteness Overload!

View The Most Recent Images From Samboja - Beware Of Cuteness Overload!

Samboja Lestari Orangutan Volunteer Project

Samboja Lestari Orangutan Volunteer Project

12 - 26 Nights from $1,744.00

Work on enrichment for 112 orangutans and 72 sun bears at the world-renowned Samboja Lestari Rescue Centre

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Laos Wildlife Sanctuary's Recent Rescues

Laos Wildlife Sanctuary's Recent Rescues

Discover the amazing rescues that have taken place at the Laos Wildlife Sanctuary over the past month, including baby scorpions, endangered reptiles, a recovering owlet, and rare grey langurs. Join us in celebrating the sanctuary's efforts to rehabilitate and release these incredible animals back into the wild, and find out how you can get involved.

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Orangutan Jeffrey moves to the new island at Samboja!

Orangutan Jeffrey moves to the new island at Samboja!

Over the last few months, the volunteers have worked closely with the local staff to help the Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) Foundation prepare and renovate the new island at Samboja Lestari. The new island is now ready for orangutans Jeffrey and Yuyun to call home! This incredible achievement showcases the power of teamwork.

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Dawn's Orangutan and Pygmy Elephant Adventure

Dawn's Orangutan and Pygmy Elephant Adventure

Volunteer Dawn McIntyre has recently returned from The Great Orangutan and Pygmy Elephant Project in Borneo and has shared her experience and unforgettable memories. From amazing wildlife encounters to rewarding activities, Dawn emphasises her adventure was nothing short of amazing!

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Posted by Ellie Hutchin on 13th May 2017 4 mins

The Orangutans And Their Enrichment

Let's start off by checking in on those cheeky orangutans, shall we? Beware, death by cuteness overload could be imminent!

baby orangutan

Check out this little youngster who is looking forward to learning lots of new skills as he grows!

orangutans in borneo

This adorable little family are enjoying their platform structures, that they use for enrichment purposes. These structures are built by volunteers!

baby orangutan

Meet Davine, probably the cheekiest looking fur ball around town! Without a nappy, Davine might have an accident on one of the carers ...

baby orangutan

Meet Bagus. Bagus enjoys climbing around his play structures all day, and putting various types of leaves in his mouth...

sumatran orangutan

We met Josh last year, when he was just a teeny baby! Now he certainly is growing into a strapping young lad.

orangutans in borneo

Anih is not too impressed that his ice block gave him a brain freeze!

orangutans in Borneo

Here Anih has no such thing as a brain freeze as he hangs out with his pal Bujang...

orangutans in borneo

Ical was recently released onto one of the islands on the project site. He loves it!

orangutans in borneo

This great ape is enjoying this hammock!

orangutan enrichment

Leaves, twigs, fruit and nuts are plaited together to form an enrichment exercise for the orangutans. The apes have to unravel the plaits to get what's inside!

orangutan enrichment

This enrichment exercise involves the orangutans having to pick out food from within the wood, replicating what they would have to do in the wild to eat.


Our volunteers have also been hard at work, and we are ecstatic to see the evidence! Without the volunteers, the plight of the orangutans will only deepen, so the apes greatly appreciate the generosity of our volunteers!

volunteer abroad with endangered orangutans in borneo

This strapping young lad acknowledges you need some muscle to volunteer with orangutans abroad...

volunteer with endangered orangutans in borneo

Remember those platforms the orangutans just love to play on? Here are the volunteers putting even more of them together!

volunteer abroad with endangered orangutans in borneo

Here you can see the volunteers constructing hammocks for the orangutans islands. The orangutan islands play a part in the rehabilitation of the apes as they are used for semi releasing the orangutans back into the wild. Rubber from tyres is stripped and recycled to make these. Saving the orangutans, and the environment!

volunteers working abroad for orangutans in borneo

Volunteers have been building a new baby playground for the little ones that will encourage their enrichment and learning!

orangutan enclosures at endangered orangutan sanctuary in borneo

The baby playground will be accompanied by a new baby house, where the teeny cuties will live!

volunteers working on structures at endangered animal sanctuary

Our volunteers have also been working on the hammocks for the sun bears, which I am sure they will appreciate.

volunteers abroad

They have also been digging and cementing for the maintenance of the islands!

the great projects volunteers abroad for endangered animals

Lastly, our fantastic volunteers have been working on a beautiful planting area too!


Orangutans are not the only species that you will encounter at Samboja. They also look after sunbears too! Here's how these gorgeous guys are doing...

endangered sun bear enclosure

Here is a group of these sleek furry friends enjoying their grassy surroundings.

sun bears

This adorable bear is enjoying the structures built for them by our kind volunteers.

sun bears in the jungle

This long clawed bear lookis like he's having fun!


The site is situated in the beautiful tropics of Borneo. Here are some of the amazing sights you could experience on your volunteer trip!

baby proboscis monkeys in borneo

This magnificent mother and infant are proboscis monkeys, and live in the wild around the project site.

birds eye view of jungle in borneo

This spectacular view can be witnessed from the project's fire tower!

waterfall in the jungle in borneo

Have you ever seen a waterfall in the jungle? This is one of the many scenes you can embrace in Borneo.

We are so happy to know that all is well at Samboja, and more and more is being done every day to eradicate the plight of these majestic endangered species. If you would like to know more about this project, then please view it on our project page!

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