Updates from Wildlife SOS
Updates from Wildlife SOS

Updates from Wildlife SOS

Posted by Sam Hopkins on 6th Feb 2015 4 mins

Here at The Great Projects, we love to hear from the projects which we run and the charities with which they are associated. This week we have been fortunate enough to hear from Wildlife SOS – our charity partner on the 'Highlights of India Voluntour'. Some of you may remember a few months ago the story of Raju the elephant. Rescued by Wildlife SOS from a life of misery in captivity, he is now able to live his remaining years in peace at the Mathura Rescue Centre in Agra. His story created somewhat of a media storm, and rumour has it that his story is going to be made into a Hollywood movie! Now that we can't wait to see…Of course, none of this would have been possible without the dedicated efforts of Wildlife SOS. We are so proud to be able to say that we work with them and send volunteers to not only the Mathura Elephant Camp but also the Agra Sloth Bear Sanctuary – another of the charity's fantastic initiatives. Below is the charity's update of Raju, perhaps their most famous patron, and how he is getting along:

"Raju is currently in Musth which is a natural and healthy phenomenon in male (bull) elephants. Characterized by heavy secretion of the temporal glands, this also displays increased alertness and often aggressive behavior caused by heightened testosterone. Raju, however continues to surprise us with his rather calm composure unlike most other male elephants in Musth who enjoy being destructive and throw tantrums, even going off meals at times. Raju on the other hand continues to enjoy his treats.The trauma that Raju suffered for 50 long years left him with several chronic ailments. His right hind leg has been bothering him and has an inflammation from a torn ligament. A team of veterinarians are working round the clock to help ease the pain. We are currently applying Therapeutic ultrasound for pain management.

Wildlife SOS vet Dr. Yaduraj has reported gradual improvement in his condition and that he is slowly starting to bear weight on his hind right leg. Raju is receiving expert veterinary care and we are optimistic that his injury will slowly heal though it may take several months to do so. In the meantime we are doing all we can to keep him happy and comfortable. Please send positive thoughts and energy his way".

Great to hear about Raju there and to know that he is in the best possible hands! In other news, the team have also begun a fantastic new campaign to rescue India's circus elephants. This week we receive news that they have rescued their first – a beautiful female called Suzy! Read the first account of it below:

"We are thrilled to report that Suzy, the blind circus elephant we told you about over the Holidays, has been rescued by our team! She is currently traveling by truck from Tirupati to our rescue centre in Mathura, a journey that will take several days. The team escorting her reports that she is doing well, and that she just enjoyed a snack of bananas and fresh grass while the humans enjoyed some chai, at their latest pit stop. As you may know, Suzy is the very first circus elephant rescued in our new circus elephant campaign. Our intention is to facilitate the rescue of all 67… wait, make that 66!… remaining circus elephants in India. One down, sixty-six to go! To make the next rescue possible, please donate today! Thank you"!

Wow – great to hear about the incredible conservation work that Wildlife SOS is doing! If you would like to see their work in the flesh, then why not join our 'Highlights of India Voluntour'? Offering two weeks of tiger safaris, cultural splendour and a spell working at the bear sanctuary and Mathura Rescue Centre – this really is a one of a kind tour! If you are interested in joining, please don't hesitate to enquire via our website page here. Alternatively, you can ask us more about the project via email ([email protected]) or telephone (+44(0)208 885 4987).

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