Top 5 Must Have Travel Items for Animal Volunteering Abroad
Top 5 Must Have Travel Items for Animal Volunteering Abroad

Top 5 Must Have Travel Items for Animal Volunteering Abroad

Posted by Sam Hopkins on 7th May 2015 5 mins

To many, planning a new trip or expedition presents a conundrum for even the most travel-savvy traveller. Flummoxed by what to bring (here at the TGP we often also aren't often sure), planning a new trip can often be a bit of an intimidating experience. However, don't you worry, as we have partnered up with the 'Gap Year Travel Store' in order to custom a list of the top 5 'must haves' for animal volunteering abroad. What's more, we are also offering one lucky person the chance to win an extensive range of travel goodies which can be seen in the picture below. Keep reading to find out more!

Filtered Water Bottle: To any traveller headed to a region where the tap water isn't guaranteed to be safe to drink, a filtered water bottle is an absolute necessity and makes your life far easier when visiting intrepid destinations around the globe. Not only does one of these bottles prevent travellers from contracting illness from water-borne diseases (eliminating 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, chlorine, fluoride and heavy metals such as lead), but purchasing one will also save you a significant amount of money in the long run, as you won't need to keep buying bottle after bottle! What's more, based on a consumption of approximately 2 litres of water per day, these will last for up to 2 months, subsequently helping to safeguard the environment through the reduction of plastic pollution. Wave goodbye to chemical water treatments and simply fill one of these bottles up for safe, simple and great tasting water no matter where you are!

Sleeping Bag Liner: Another must-have for the adventurous traveller, a sleeping bag liner is essential when staying in hostels, hotels, guesthouses and on long sleeper bus or train rides! Perfect for hygiene purposes and for keeping out any creepy crawlies that may be wanting to find somewhere warm to sleep; a liner is a crucial component for any purpose built sleep system. Whether you are looking to add warmth to your sleeping bag, keep your bag spick and span or just need a lightweight warm weather sleep sheet; a liner is a must have on any excursion.

Insect Repellent: There's nothing worse than arriving in a new place and being at the mercy of mosquitos, midges and other biting insects and arthropods. What's more, there is always the risk that in certain destinations, if bitten, you will be susceptible to a whole host of nasty insect-borne diseases – including malaria, Lyme disease, dengue fever, bubonic plague, and even West Nile fever. The best way to combat the irritating biting and therefore significantly reduce the risk of disease is by utilising an insect repellent – most often with DEET (diethyltoluamide) as its predominant ingredient. Repellent most often comes in the form of a cream or lotion, but it can also come in band form (as seen in the picture below). Make sure you invest in this 'must have' item before any trip abroad – forget at your peril!

Cable Lock: Keeping your gear and clothes safe in your backpack is a must when travelling to unknown areas, especially in regions with higher than normal crime rates and in larger cities. Cable locks are fantastic items to have, as they not only have an extendible steel cable that can be pulled out and threaded through luggage straps and zips, but this cable can then wrapped around a fixed object to stop someone from walking off with your stuff. What's more, this cable can also be used as a washing line for when you want to dry any clothes or personal belongings – a multi-purpose item if ever we've heard of one!

Pocket First Aid Kit: Packing a basic first aid kit for any trip travelling is a wise move, particularly when partaking in treks and on volunteer expeditions. With an extensive range of first aid items, including cleansing wipes, bandages, dressings, tweezers and scissors, a pocket first aid kit is perfect if you are ever in need of a little medical 'TLC'. All these handy medical essentials are supplied in a ripstop carry case, complete with a waterproof zip, keeping everything as dry as possible – a lifesaver in a hot and humid environment!

If you would like the chance to win any of these 'must haves' - you can! In association with the Leeds based company 'Gap Year Travel Store', we are partnering to give you the chance to win the above five items, as well as a compact travel towel and money belt (all visible in the first picture)! All of these items together are worth an incredible £85, so you're really lucking out if you win this competition. So – how do you enter? Well, it really is simple. All we would like you to do is to share this blog onto your Facebook timeline and we will pick the winner at random in a week or two. It's really that simple! Keep your eyes on our social media channels for the latest information.

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