Top 8 Photogenic Animals
Top 8 Photogenic Animals

Top 8 Photogenic Animals

Posted by Connor Whelan on 24th Jul 2015 2 mins

Humans and animals are very similar in more ways than you might think, and a prime example of this is found in the art of photography. Some people merely have to look at a camera and they turn into models. Others, such as and including myself, do not and we are forever cursed to be the friends who are told to take the picture rather than be in it.

In this post we will be celebrating the animals who almost certainly know they look good in front of a camera, and giving a rundown of our top 8 most photogenic animals.

8. A Very Itchy Brown Bear

He has absolutely perfected the art of looking off longingly into the middle distance. This bear cub will go far in the world.

7. A Proud Lion Father And His Mischievous Kids

Dad can't be bothered with all of this camera nonsense, one cub is trying to hog all of the limelight and his brother is hiding away not wanting to even be in the shot. We've all been in this situation.

6. A Trio Of Tiger Cubs

There is always one who ruins every photo. These three had agreed to stand in a line along the log and it was all going well until Terrance thought it would be funny to jump off. Cheers Terrance, you ruined the picture again.

5. Mother Orangutan and Her Baby

Just a ridiculously photogenic Orangutan family. Nothing else to see here, although if baby Orangutan want's to gain more Instagram followers she's really going to have to perfect the duck face she's attempted here.

4. These Deceptive Cheetah Cubs

How anything can look this cute after evidently devouring another poor animal is beyond me. You try looking this lovable after that 15th doughnut.

3. An Overly Cute Seal Pup

Before they grow into the great hulking masses you see on nature documentaries this is what seals look like. It may look like it wants a cuddle, but that is not something we recommended in the slightest.

2. The World Most Vain Turtle

If you've never seen a Turtle taking a selfie before then you've never lived. Kudos to the turtle for managing to avoid the dreaded double chin though.

1.Smiling Sloth

As an animal which is famed for being slow, this Sloth certainly wasn't when it saw the camera. Looking straight down the lens and cracking a smile. He knows how to work the camera and thoroughly deserves the number one spot.

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