The Adventures of Marupi
The Adventures of Marupi

The Adventures of Marupi

Wildlife Orphanage in South Africa

Wildlife Orphanage in South Africa

7 - 84 Nights from $725.00

Play a vital role in the education of underprivileged children in South Africa

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Posted by Sam Hopkins on 20th Feb 2015 2 mins

Hi everyone - we hope that you have all been having a good week. It's very nearly the weekend!

This week we have been fortunate enough to receive a video from the 'Wildlife Orphanage in South Africa Project'. Located in the stunning and flora and fauna rich Limpopo Province, the unique, non-profit bush school and wildlife orphanage in which this project is based provides the optimal setting for children to interact with small and large African animals in a safe and secure environment. As a consequence, they also are able to learn about their importance within the surrounding ecosystems. Volunteers are essential in this endeavour, helping to connect the children's learning and welfare of the orphanage's animals, making it a highly meaningful and rewarding experience for all involved.

The story behind the video is a heart-warming one - let's hear from the team at the 'Wildlife Orphanage in South Africa Project':

"This is the story of Marupi, a young child passionate about the beauty and the animals of South Africa. He lives close to the famous Kruger Park, but does not have the chance to experience it. From a far-away village in Limpopo, Marupi does not have access to the water, lives surrounded by rubbish and tries to find some space in the overcrowded classroom. One day, he found the perfect place for his dream to come true. It is a bush school and a wildlife orphanage, which inspired and educated him about the environment and conservation. He learnt to take care of the animals, to protect the planet and respect others. Marupi came back to his village, proud and grown up, with the desire to share with others what he learnt to make South Africa a better place…"

To have a look at the video on Vimeo, please click here. Remember, both this project and the 'Great Lion Project' are still under SPECIAL OFFER! This won't last long, so make sure you book by the end of the month to make use of it! Have a great weekend everyone - TGP Team.

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