So Long, Spirit – Lilongwe’s Latest Release Story
So Long, Spirit – Lilongwe’s Latest Release Story

So Long, Spirit – Lilongwe’s Latest Release Story

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Lilongwe Wildlife Centre

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Posted by Leanne Sturrock on 28th Aug 2017 1 min

We recently had some good news from our friends at the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre in Malawi, relating to one of its residents, a buzzard named Spirit.


After being rescued from nearby Mzuzu, Spirit was brought to the centre where it was discovered that he had some difficulty eating. The team at Lilongwe worked hard to stabilise the poor bird and, after a few days, Spirit managed to regain his strength!

One weekend, the team decided to take Spirit over to the Luwawa Forest Reserve: its high altitude and suitable habitats made the location a real contender as Spirit’s new potential home and, once the team set him free, it was clear that Spirit would be happy spending his days in the forest! Flying straight into the trees and exploring his new surrounds, it seems as if Spirit was happy to be back in the wild.

Since his release, Spirit has been spotted almost every day and appears to be doing well in his new home. You can see some pictures of the beautiful buzzard just below and, if you’d like to join the team at Lilongwe in all of their hard work, click here to find out more!

Buzzard release

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