Project Update – What Will The Volunteers At The Wildlife Orphanage Be Up To This Summer?
Project Update – What Will The Volunteers At The Wildlife Orphanage Be Up To This Summer?

Project Update – What Will The Volunteers At The Wildlife Orphanage Be Up To This Summer?

Wildlife Orphanage in South Africa

Wildlife Orphanage in South Africa

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Posted by Leanne Sturrock on 3rd May 2017 4 mins

As we gradually move into summer, the team at the Wildlife Orphanage in South Africa are certainly gearing up for a busy few months. With just a few spots remaining on the project throughout May, June and July, now is the perfect time to get involved with volunteer activities at this awesome animal sanctuary – but what exactly does the project have in store for our participants?

We were lucky enough to hear from Erica, one of the members of the Wildlife Orphanage team, and she was more than happy to give us the low-down on goings-on at the project site over the next few months.

Animal Activities

You may remember that recently we wrote a blog about the jackals and mongooses currently being rehabilitated at the orphanage. There is still progress being made with the 3 jackals, and the team at the project are preparing them for release. The release is expected to happen at some point in the year, so if you want to play a part in the jackals’ recovery, head over to South Africa now and get involved!

As far as things go for the mongooses, too, progress is also promising. The team have been working hard to put together a family of mongooses for rehabilitation and release – it takes a family of 12 to be safely re-introduced into the wild, and with 8 mongooses already receiving fantastic care, it’s just a matter of time until these lovely animals can make their way back out into their natural homes.

You never know when new animals may arrive at the orphanage, but whenever the opportunity does arrive, volunteers can look forward to helping raise and feed the animals in need. Just imagine spending your morning surrounded by animals – situations like this are not uncommon, and are always uplifting and inspiring moments which will stay with you for a lifetime.

Community Conscience

Of course, the Wildlife Orphanage in South Africa are also proud to play a role in the local community. Volunteers will be invited to take part in fun games to play with the local children at break time; there will be the opportunity to get involved in the eco-club/outreach program; and finally, there is now the exciting new opportunity to get involved in a brand-new student activity: for volunteers that arrive in May or June, they can look forward to attending the Career Guidance program, where they’ll be able to teach older students about career opportunities. This involves paying a visit to the local town and joining the students as they chat to local businesses; and is a wonderful way to witness the future of these young individuals unfold, all while playing a vital role in improving their opportunities in the world.

Other Expectations

The months of May through August are a great time to visit South Africa: generally dry and cool (as far as South African standards go!), the weather here can still rival that of the UK’s own summertime, and offers a unique perspective on the country during its winter. Most importantly, though, it is a key time for help at the orphanage - in fact, the latter end of South Africa’s winter is sometimes known as ‘baby season’, which means a heightened chance of seeing and working with newborns at the orphanage.

Elsewhere, there may even be the opportunity for volunteers to work closely with the animal manager at the orphanage. While it cannot be guaranteed, special projects do sometimes crop up and offer a unique insight into working with the animals at the Wildlife Orphanage – so stay tuned and keep your eyes open for any special activities coming up!

Want to get involved in animal conservation in South Africa? Take a look at our project page now and consider joining the team at the Wildlife Orphanage!

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