Our Top 8 Happy Animal Families
Our Top 8 Happy Animal Families

Our Top 8 Happy Animal Families

Posted by Connor Whelan on 5th Aug 2015 3 mins

Surviving out in the wild can be extremely tough for animals all over the world. This is why a most of the time young pups, cubs and others alike will turn to their mum and dad to help keep them safe and teach them all about the ways of the world. Here we take a look at our 8 favourite family photo's from range of animals.

8. This Coalition of Cheetahs

This very popular lady has been tasked with looking after her cubs, their cousins and a couple of friends by the looks of it. She'll have her hands full but she seems to have things under control. I know I wouldn't misbehave when she's giving out that look.

7. This Mother Hippo And Her Baby

Swimming lessons can be tough, but when your mum is a 1,400kg Hippo you try just that little bit harder. He looks like he's happy to be on his way home with his motherly bodyguard.

6. This Leader Who Is Proud Of His Pride

"Son, I just don't think you are cut out to be a boxer." You can almost see the look of adoration in the father Lion's eyes whilst he is playing with his tiny son.

5. This Polar Bear Family Gathering Together For Warmth

There's never a more daunting prospect than facing a family group hug, but when you are surrounded by an icy, barren landscape you don't have much choice. These two cubs don't seem to mind snuggling up to mum and manage to look adorable whilst doing so.

4. This Hyena And The Newest Member Of Her Clan

Now don't assume that this baby is the milkman's due to it's colouring being so different to its mums, baby Hyena's start out darker and then their colours change as they grow up.

3. This Mob Of Meerkats

This is just proof that there doesn't always have to be a baby involved for a picture to be cute. It only took one take for this family to get this picture as well! Don't worry, they all regret making the car insurance adverts as much as you hate watching them...

2. This Pair Of Sharing Gophers

I know if I ever asked my mum or dad for a bite of their chocolate, chances are I'd have had no luck. There's no such issue for this Gopher pup as his parent is more than happy to share their meal. Lucky so and so.

1. This Pair Of Elephants

There was only ever going to be one winner for the best family picture here. It's the Elephant equivalent of holding hands and it makes for the cutest picture in the world. Something so big and powerful taking care of something so small and delicate is very rare in the natural world but this parent is doing a great job!

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