Our Top 8 Animal Conservation Twitter Accounts
Our Top 8 Animal Conservation Twitter Accounts

Our Top 8 Animal Conservation Twitter Accounts

Posted by Connor Whelan on 16th Sep 2015 2 mins

If you are looking to keep your finger on the pulse of the animal conservation world, then the internet can be an overwhelming place. With so much information on offer, you may get lost amongst it and need pointing in the right direction! Luckily we've done half the work for you and have listed 8 Twitter accounts you can follow to keep up to date!

1. WWF (@WWF)

Everyone has heard of WWF and it's with good reason. Their account has posted over 241,000 tweets all surrounding how animals and humans should co-exist peacefully. It's a great source of information and one which should not be missed.

2. Dr Paula Kahumbu (@paulakahumbu)

Dr Paula is the CEO of Wildlife Direct and has a very strong online presence, updating people about the illegal poaching activities occuring in Kenya.

3. Wildlife SOS (@WildlifeSOS)

Wildlife SOS has been rescuing and rehabilitating animals for 25 years so they are a great source of uplifting stories about animal releases and all of the good work they have done!

4. Save The Rhino (@savetherhino)

As the name implies, save the Rhino was created to help the critically endangered Rhino's in Africa and Asia. With their numbers dwindling so quickly, Save The Rhino play a crucial role in the conservation efforts of one of the worlds most critically endangered animals.

5. Ocean Conservancy (@OurOcean)

Ocean Conservancy aims to educate people about our oceans. We still don't know much about the vast expanses of water that cover our planet. Ocean Conservancy wants to show people how sustainable solutions can be implimented to solve the issues currently facing the worlds oceans.

6. Orangutan Outreach (@redapes)

Orangutan Outreach helps to save, rehabilitate and release Orangutans back into the wild and they should be your go to place for all your Orangutan info.

7. IAR - International Animal Rescue (@IAR_Updates)

IAR's sole aim is to save animals from harm all around the world. IAR do some incredible work and it is too much to write about in this small passage, so take a look at their feed and see for yourself!

8. Nat Geo Live - (@NatGeoLive)

Nat Geo brings you updates from explorers, photogrophers and journalists from exotic locations. It's a very visual way to see the latest events and keep up to date!

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