Our Favourite Funny Orangutans

Our Favourite Funny Orangutans

Posted by Leanne Sturrock on Nov 23, 2016

Struggling to find that Friday Feeling? Fear no longer, friends, as we at The Great Projects have just the thing to perk you up. Introducing: our favourite funny orangutans!

This Sloppy Snacker

'Have I got something on my face?'

This Passionate Pair

Orangutan pair

'Give us a kiss, love...' 'Stop it, Sharon, the kids are watching!'

This Sassy Simian

Cute baby orangutan

'Honey, you're not wearing THAT tonight are you?!'

And This Fabulous Fashionista

Posing orangutan

'I don't care what you think, I look FABULOUS.'

This Exhausted Einstein

Adorable baby orangutan

'Ugh, it's not morning ALREADY, is it?!'

This Timid Tot

Orangutan family

'Stop it, mum, you're embarrassing me!'

This Greedy Guts

Baby orangutan

'Hang on, dad, they said this was an all you can eat buffet! I'm not finished!'

And This Disapproving Dad

Adult male orangutan

'Carry on, son, and you'll end up looking like me!'

Like what you see? Make some orangutan friends on any of our related projects! With 15% off all orangutan projects this month, what better time to get involved!?

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